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By Jessica Migala

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If you haven’t lifted your arm up, turned your head, and taken a whiff for fun (not to check for B.O.), then you’re wearing the wrong deodorant.

That’s how much I love Native Deodorant — specifically the coconut and vanilla scent. It’s sweet, it’s tropical and it lifts my spirits just to take a sniff. Of course, I can easily do that by popping open the package, but it’s all the more satisfying knowing that sweet smell is coming from me.

Last fall, Target started carrying the Native brand, which makes my monthly Target shopping spree (don’t pretend like you don’t go in there for three items and buy all the things) even more exciting. It's now become Target's bestselling natural deodorant — and it's definitely worth the hype.

Native Coconut & Vanilla Deodorant

Native is a cult favorite deodorant. And even in a sea of similar natural deodorants, it stands out. Here's why:

It goes on smoothly

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Among the list of recognizable ingredients, the stick is formulated with coconut oil, baking soda and shea butter. While baking soda sops up odors, the coconut oil and shea butter help the stick glide on smoothly. These moisturizers mean that the deodorant feels great as it’s applied. It’s not cakey in your pits like traditional deodorant and it melts into your skin, rather than grossly sitting on top. If you ever have to (unfortunately) go back to your regular deodorant, you’ll notice a big difference.

Just as important as what Native contains is what it leaves out, namely parabens and aluminum. (Honestly, I’m not concerned about aluminum in my antiperspirant; rumors that it causes breast cancer have been debunked by the American Cancer Society. Still, for some people, they prefer to avoid aluminum.)

It keeps me fresh

Because Native doesn’t contain aluminum, the ingredient that blocks sweat, it can’t bill itself as an antiperspirant. However, Native truly keeps me nicely dry. I’m not the sweatiest girl out there, but a couple swipes certainly gets the job done.

On Saturdays, I can set off for a four-mile run, come home and walk with my kids to the farmer’s market, and then hang out for a while with no rush to hop in the shower — and I’m still fresh. This is the deodorant that all moms deserve because you never really know when your littlest is going to let you actually shower. And if the odor-stopping formula fails you, your kids will still love you, but it’s just not a cute look.

It's better than other natural deodorants I've tried

I’ve used several brands of natural deodorant over the years, and Native is by far the best. For me, other natural deodorants either left me extremely sweaty or smelly by noon. It wasn’t a good feeling, to say the least.

Native Deodorant comes in other delectable scents, including refreshing Cucumber & Mint, floral Lavender & Rose, and Charcoal. I haven’t tried them — I’m too into my Coconut & Vanilla — but I have no doubt that they’re just as delicious.

So, here’s to your pits. May they be forever fresh.

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