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This is the one beauty product I carry in my bag for lips, eyes and cheeks

Looks like candy — works like magic
Courtesy Annie Shigo

It may only be March, but the year is already off to a busy start — so hear me when I say you need a multi-functional beauty product that checks more than just one box.

Normally, when you hear the words "three-in-one," you instantly think of men’s shampoo. For beauty products, it’s a rarity to find one that actually works. Enter: The new Milk Makeup Cooling Water Jelly Tint, which can be used on lips, eyelids and cheeks.

As a certified lazy girl, I swear by lip tints as my one-and-done product for touchups. This one, for example, is transfer-free and can be layered or stand on its own in your makeup routine.

Milk Makeup Cooling Water Jelly Lip Tint

Bouncy, dewy and refreshing

I have resisted all urges (and there were many) to bite this Jello-like lip tint. With the cap off, the product almost looks too good to be true, and has even gone viral on social media for its distinctive appearance and texture. It really does look and feel like jelly, and it moves with your body when you apply it to your face. Most lip tints have a liquid consistency, and you have to be careful with how much you apply before they become hard to blend. This Milk product is different because its jelly consistency adds moisture to your skin to leave noticeable pigment without looking blotchy.

When it comes to beauty products and skin care, the word "cooling" usually means "irritating" for my sensitive skin — however, Milk's water-based formula felt refreshing and gentle. I might even keep it in the fridge for an extra cooling burst!

The brand recommends working on one cheek at a time in circular motions until you achieve your desired pigmentation. For me, that was about 5 dabs — and I like a "sunburnt" look when it comes to blush. I don't even have to add highlighter when I wear this tint, because it adds noticeable, dewy-looking hydration to my cheeks. In the winter months, I normally have to reapply moisturizer to my skin halfway through my days, but this tint does a great job of imparting lasting hydration to your face without looking like a marker.

Courtesy Annie Shigo

If I am going from day to night, I start with this tint as a base on my lips and layer on a gloss or dark lipstick on top. The tint provides the perfect amount of color payoff to play with light and dark looks — or just keep it simple. Layering is easy: The product didn't transfer, even when I swiped my finger across my lips to test its staying power. (Although it does glide off easily with an oil-based cleanser). One reviewer even mentioned that they work at a pool and noted how they, “can use this to tint my lips and cheeks for all-day color.” She added, “There is seriously not a better option out there.”

To her point, unlike many other pigmented tints, this one can be applied easily over foundation without ruining your base makeup. If you want to go for a more blended look, I recommend using a brush to apply it for more even coverage. There are four shades to choose from, so you can find your perfect match.

It can even be applied to eyelids! It leaves a bright color without being too striking. I like to layer something sparkly over the tint to really make it pop.

Courtesy Annie Shigo

Now, as mentioned above, I am a certified lazy girl. This means I want the most bang for my buck with as little work as possible — aka, I don't want to have to reapply my makeup over and over again. I put this lip tint to the test and applied it in the morning before heading to work, and checked in around 2:00 pm to see how it was holding up. And, just like that, it looked just as good as it did in the early hours — I only had to reapply my gloss.

In terms of price, this product clocks in at $24. It seems expensive at first, but the brand promises that each is good for 1,000+ applications. Definitely a long time! In my opinion, it is certainly a fair price to pay to pack 3 fewer things in my bag — and take a lot fewer trips to the bathroom for touchups.

If you are looking for a buildable product that does it all, this jelly tint is for you.

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