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8 kitchen gadgets to make cooking something you actually enjoy

Love to cook? Hate it? Either way, you'll be glad you stumbled upon these gadgets.

Fall is here, which means that the holiday season is just around the corner. It's the season for family, friends and, of course, home-cooked meals. Just the thought of being in the kitchen might feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

To make your meal prep more exciting and less daunting, lifestyle expert Jill Bauer joined Hoda & Jenna to share the tools that will make it a much easier process. Whether you love cooking or it's the part of the day that you dread the most, Bauer's finds are sure to change your experience in the kitchen.

From sandwich crust hacks to a bag sealer that will keep your chips fresh for longer, read on for the gadgets that anyone will appreciate having in their kitchen.

Kitchen gadgets to make cooking easier

Savoychef Sandwich Cutter and Sealer

Skip pre-made PB&Js — make the same delicious sandwich at home, crust-free. It also cuts the sandwich in half with a simple press, so you can use it on sandwiches that are layered with meat and cheese, too.

Lily's Home Silicone Ice Stick Trays

If you're sending your kid to school with a bottle of water, Bauer says these ice cube trays are the solution you've been waiting for. Traditional ice cubes might not be able to fit in smaller spouts, but these definitely will, so they can enjoy ice cold water for hours.

Karidge Mini Bag Sealer

Say goodbye to stale chips with this smart tool. This re-sealer will keep air out of most bags, but you can't use it on paper bags, cellophane bags or plastic produce baggies.

Kuhn Rikon Kochblume Spill Stopper

Bauer swears by these "flowers" that prevent boiling pots from spilling on your stovetop. It can be used as both a lid and splatter guard and is heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can keep your counters a little cleaner while you cook.

Slice Ceramic Blade Cutter

You'll find use for this multi-purpose tool outside of the kitchen, too. It can be used to open packages, plastic cases, shrink wrap and more. The ceramic blade is a sturdy replacement for a traditional knife, and the brand says it lasts longer than steel.

OXO Jar Opener with Base Pad

How many times have you had to ask for some help when it came time to open a jar? Bauer says you'll no longer have to ask for assistance thanks to this handy jar opener. It gives you more torque, thus reducing the force required to open the jar or bottle. It only takes a counter-clockwise twist to get it loose.

Easy Spread Butter Knife

This smart knife scrapes butter into thin strands, which makes it easier to spread than a cold, solid piece of butter. The handle is also ergonomic, which makes it easier to grab.

Chef'n Zipstrip Herb Stripper

Love to cook with herbs? This herb stripper will make all the difference in your seasoning routine. It strips away herb leaves with a simple pull, so you can save some time and get right to chopping.

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