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The Chef'n Salad Shears lettuce chopper makes meal prep easy

This salad gadget is a meal prep game-changer.
Two images of Writer Abigail Barr using a salad chopper famous on TikTok to chop up romaine lettuce, and a completed chopped salad
TODAY Illustration / Courtesy Abigail Barr

When it comes to my food, I’m always trying to eat healthier. But when it comes to actually making the food, my meal decisions are usually made depending on how lazy I'm feeling that day. That's why I like to create a lot of salads, which is already an easy process — it's as simple as throwing some store-bought dressing on top of lettuce and diced vegetables. And for me, less time cooking equals more time binging the latest prestige drama on Netflix.

That's why when I find a convenient hack that can make the cooking process a little simpler and quicker, I jump on it. I've recently made the switch from buying bagged lettuce to full heads of lettuce, mainly because I use less plastic and save money (and who doesn't want to save some green while eating it?). It seemed like a good idea, except for the part where I have to chop up the produce myself. Enter: The Chef’n Salad Shears Lettuce Chopper.

Chef'n Salad Shears Lettuce Chopper

This is a gadget I found making the rounds on — where else? — TikTok. The shears cost around $11 online — cheaper than buying a single salad at a fast-casual restaurant — but the social media hype didn't make this sold-out product easy to get my hands on. But now that I have, it actually helps me create freshly chopped salads with speed.

The lettuce chopper is a circular device that you plunge over and over again into a full head of lettuce, until you have beautifully cut-up squares or rectangles of produce. You only need one hand to use it, and if you have great hand-eye coordination, you can you use your other hand to add toppings or dressings as you chop. Plus, it’s genuinely fun: It makes me feel like I work at a salad bar, and the sound of the shears hitting the lettuce makes a satisfying, ASMR-worthy crunch.

Writer Abigail Barr using a salad chopper famous on TikTok to chop up romaine lettuce
TikTok turned me onto my new favorite kitchen gadget!Courtesy Abigail Barr

The device is a safe alternative to using a giant kitchen knife. The plastic grip is very sturdy and easy to hold onto. The serrated nylon blades give an even cut and can chop through thick leaves with ease. And even though they’re called “salad shears,” the device works just as well on sandwiches or other foods that need a good slice.

Additionally, you can use it to chop up lettuce in a bowl or on a chopping board! I recommend using the bowl to keep your greens in one place, since the shears can send bits of lettuce flying if you’re not careful.

The whole process from start to finish takes me under a minute, from chopping up the head of lettuce to quickly rinsing the shears under running water to clean it off. And if the shears need a deeper clean, I can toss them onto the top rack of my dishwasher.

image of Writer Abigail Barr using a salad chopper famous on TikTok to chop up romaine lettuce
These salad shears help me chop up lettuce heads with speed.Courtesy Abigail Barr

One pro tip: Make sure you’re (safely!) chopping with as much force as possible! I ended up with some shallow cuts when I first tried it, so my shreds of salad turned out less even than I had hoped. It may take you a few tries to get the hang of using the shears, and I'd recommend initially trying them on a smaller head of lettuce to get your bearings. But once you get going, it’ll become your favorite little kitchen gadget.

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