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I tried Lululemon's new sneaker — it's comfy, supportive and not just for runners

The pair is a must-have for busy moms.
Split image of the new Lululemon sneakers, in two different colors
Courtesy Bridget Shirvell; Courtesy Danielle Murphy

Like most moms of young kids, I'm constantly on my feet. That usually means my footwear choices prioritize ease and comfort over trendy and stylish. Still, if I'm going to sport sneakers just about everywhere, I want them to not only be comfortable but also stand up to whatever the day (or my child) throws at me, all while complementing the laid-back yet classic outfits I tend to gravitate towards these days.

Essentially, I needed an everyday shoe made for women — which, luckily for me, is exactly what Lululemon's footwear is all about, quite literally. When the activewear company launched its first-ever sneaker last year with the Blissfeel Running Shoe, the style made waves in the fashion community for its female-centric design. The brand worked with foot morphology and biomechanics experts to create the perfect footbed that would adapt and mold to a female wearer's feet.

And now, just in time for the shoe's upcoming one-year anniversary, Lululemon is dropping an upgraded version of the sneaker, aptly named Blissfeel 2. When I was sent a pair by the brand, I was eager to find out if the newest shoe would live up to the hype — and my busy mom lifestyle.

Blissfeel 2 Women's Running Shoe

The sneaker is available in a variety of colors — including a classic white, Mink Berry (pink) and Asphalt Grey — but Lululemon "helped" me push my style boundaries when they sent me a bright orange hue. While I tend to prefer footwear in more neutral colors, the pair ended up adding an unexpectedly nice pop of color to my outfits.

The sneaker boasts many of the same eye-catching features seen in the original: memory foam cushioning, moisture-wicking lining and a supportive design for runners. But its upgrades are even more impressive, which include a 3D-moulded midfoot panel to improve stability, a "layered textile" that lends to a more comfortable contour to the foot and a refined upper that is said to give the foot a "cradled sensation."

This might be a regular runners dream, but this mom, who hits the ground running in a different way, appreciates these features just as much. So, even though most of the running I do these days is after my kid and not on the treadmill, the pressure-mapped outsole offers enough support to keep me on my feet for miles. Or, at least while waiting on the long berry and bakery lines at my local farmer's market.

And this might be more of a personal preference, but one of my favorite features is how thin the tongue is. I usually find them to be much too thick and uncomfortable in other sneakers, but this one didn't bother me at all.

I mostly pair my Blissfeel 2 sneakers with leggings, especially when taking care of everyday tasks like dropping my daughter off at nature school or taking our dog for a three-mile walk around town. I'm most impressed by the traction they provide, especially on rainy days or when the dog lunges to say hello to a fellow canine friend. The material also keeps my feet dry in a drizzle; it helps that the shoes are easy to clean and don't seem to track mud into my house.

They're also versatile enough to to pair with dressier looks, and I can easily see someone wearing them with a dress for a more cool-casual outing. (I'm not much of a sneaker and dress person, but these would add a nice pop of color to the right outfit.) Wearing them with jeans during a margarita-filled happy hour with friends is much more my speed.

Lululemon has a variety of other shoe options to fit your needs, whether that be for sprinting, training or even resting.

Chargefeel Mid Women's Workout Shoe

Strongfeel Women's Training Shoe

Restfeel Women's Slide

Ultimately, I found that the sequel to the Blissfeel Running Shoe lives up to the brand's promise of giving "a better fit and feel." Most importantly, it's a versatile pair that keeps up with the many hats I wear as a mom: They're my running sneakers, walking sneakers, running after-your-child sneakers, walking-the-dog sneakers and everything in between.