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Make working or learning from home easier with 8 expert-approved products

Jenn Falik shared some must-haves for staying productive at home.

Whether your child is going back to the classroom or setting up a virtual learning station at home, the school year will look much different than before. Although there are necessary adjustments to be made, it's possible to make the most of the season by stocking up on helpful learning essentials — some of which might even come in handy for your home office!

TODAY welcomed lifestyle expert Jenn Falik to share her favorite products for fall. So whether you're working from home, engaging in remote learning or sending the kids back to school, you'll feel prepared and ready to take on the year.

Read on to see what you need to make the adjustment much easier.

1. TutorCam

TutorCam is an innovative device that turns your phone or tablet into a document camera during video calls. When a device is placed on the TutorCam base, it captures any document sitting below. That way, teachers and students can easily see each other's work in real-time!

2. Eye Just Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector

You may have heard of blue light glasses, but this nifty product takes eye defense to the next level. These screen protectors are made for tablets, laptops and cell phones, and are designed to block harmful blue light that can have a negative impact on your eyes and your sleep.

The product is also doctor-approved and easy to install.

3. Picun P26 Bluetooth Headphones

Whether they're used for playing some relaxing tunes or for a remote learning session, these headphones will provide crisp and clear sound for hours. The Picun headphones have Bluetooth capabilities and are foldable for easy storage. Plus, they're available for under $30.

4. Alex K. Boutique Face Mask Necklace

Make sure your mask is with you at all times with these necklaces, lanyards and straps. They connect to the ear loops of a mask and hang around your neck for easy access.

5. The Pure Bag ZipPockets

Pure Bags are designed to destroy germs on contact thanks to what the company calls "silver-ion technology." They're perfect for holding school supplies or small electronics and can easily be tossed in a backpack.

6. Grip Guard Touch Protector

High-touch surfaces are often unavoidable, but this innovative "grip guards" can help keep contact to a minimum. The silicone grips make it easy to grip everything from doorknobs to faucet handles and even feature a retractable stylus that can be used on touch screens and buttons.

7. Avenova Antimicrobial Face Spray

This FDA-approved sanitizing spray is actually designed for your face! It was originally formulated for lashes and lids, so you can be sure it's safe to use around your eyes.

Falik says that you can spray it on your face throughout the day to kill any germs that you may have encountered when blowing your nose or putting on your mask.

8. Spongellé Hand Defense

When you get home after a day at school or in the office, you can scrub down with this neat option from Spongellé. It's a soap-infused sponge that's crafted to effectively remove dirt and germs. Falik also likes that the soap is hydrating, so you don't have to worry about getting dry hands from washing them often.

9. Artistic Store Clear Antimicrobial Desk Pad

Working from home? Instead of setting your essentials directly on your desk, use one of these pads to keep your space free of germs. This one from Artistic Store is clear, flexible and smooth — making for an ideal writing surface. It also has a non-skid grip bottom to keep it in one place.

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