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This all-in-one kitchen cube replaced all my measuring spoons and cups

The compact tool makes meal prep quick, easy and clutter free.
Courtesy Abigail Barr

I take my time in the kitchen very seriously. Sometimes I'll even prepare like I'm a finalist on the show "Top Chef," prepping my ingredients and organizing my "station" to impress the imaginary judges. So, the last thing I want to do is make a mess with a bunch of tiny measuring spoons and utensils while trying to figure out how many cups 500 milliliters converts to (it's 2.11; I checked). Plus, knowing I'll have to hand wash everything later makes me second guess cooking at all and consider ordering mediocre yet expensive takeout instead.

So, when I came across this all-in-one measuring cup meant to replace all my (many) tools, I had to give it a shot.

Kitchen Cube All-in-One Measuring Cup

What is the Kitchen Cube?

The Kitchen Cube is a food-grade and microwave-safe plastic block that helps to measure wet and dry ingredients, from olive oil and water to flour and rice. The cube is sectioned into 19 different clearly-labeled measurements — in both metric and standard — ranging from a tiny quarter of a teaspoon to a full cup.

It measures all kinds of ingredients

I put my Kitchen Cube to the test while making banana bread, which called for liquids like vanilla extract and milk, along with finer ingredients like flour, sugar, and baking soda. And since I was baking, all the measurements needed to be taken with care (except for my special ingredient — chunky chocolate chips — which are always measured by love, not science).

For the most part, the cube definitely proved useful in replacing my typical spoons and cups. However, I found more success with coarser ingredients, like the chocolate chips. I also found it very easy to get clean and precise measurements while portioning bread crumbs and grains of rice for dinner recipes.

Kitchen Cube
Courtesy Abigail Barr

It worked with fine sugar, but if I wasn't careful pouring it into the cup, it would dribble a bit into the other crevices of the cube or onto my counter. I also had to keep my hand steady while pouring liquids into the tinier wells of the cup (like the ¼ teaspoon section), otherwise spills would occur in those situations as well. In these ways, I don’t know how well it really replaces a measuring spoon with higher walls, but maybe with more time and practice, measuring these tricker ingredients will become easier. For now, slow and steady wins the meal prep race!

It is compact and dishwasher safe!

One thing that often deters me from baking is the cleanup, and the Kitchen Cube definitely simplifies this process. Instead of having to hand wash four measuring spoons and four measuring cups (sometimes more!), I can just toss the one cube into my dishwasher! Additionally, I love how this one unit replaces eight other objects in my kitchen. I live in a small New York City apartment, so I relish any opportunity to save space and get rid of clutter at the same time. After I wash it, I all I have to do is stick it in a drawer (albeit a larger drawer, since the cube is over three and a half inches tall).

It’s also so durable — not only has it survived many rounds in the dishwasher without any signs of wear and tear, but it's also designed for safe use in the microwave should I ever need to heat something up in one of the measuring wells.

Kitchen Cube
Courtesy Abigail Barr

The cube is available in two adorable colorways (teal and yellow) and would make a chic and affordable gift for any home cook looking to simplify prepping their family’s favorite meals. I'm already planning to pair it with a cute apron and tea towel for a kitchen-themed holiday basket.