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Jamie Lee Curtis shares her favorite books to add to your reading list

She also tells Jenna Bush Hager why she won't write a memoir.

Actress and author Jamie Lee Curtis joined Jenna Bush Hager on a new episode of "Open Book" to discuss her favorite books — from nostalgic picks to the book that changed her life.

Curtis admits that she never thought she would end up becoming a 14-time book author with an affinity for reading. "I love a good story, I love to be moved, I love beautiful description, I like to think," she told Jenna.

Check out Curtis' favorite books below.

1. "Go, Dog Go," by P.D. Eastman

One of Curtis' favorite childhood books is this Dr. Seuss book about opposites. She credits the line "Do you like my hat?" for sparking her sense of humor at a young age.

Curtis says she will never write a memoir, but if she does, it will be titled "Do you like my hat?"

2. "Annie Bananie," by Leah Komaiko

When Curtis adopted her daughter Annie, she was given this adorable book about a young girl who comes to realize that distance can't keep her away from her best friend.

"It was written by a woman named Leah Komaiko and it was illustrated by the woman who I ended up making 14 books with. Her name is Lauren Cornell," said Curtis.

3. "The Owl and the Pussycat," by Edward Lear

When her son was young, Curtis would read this book to him every night — even over the phone when she was out of town.

Instead of following a typical story format, this tale is told through the lines of a sweet poem.

4. "Stoner," by John Williams

Curtis lists "Stoner" in her top 3 list of favorite books.

Born at the end of the nineteenth century into a poor farming family, William Stoner went to a university and fell in love with English literature. This book dives into his experience with his career, family and self-battles.

5. "Angle of Repose," by Wallace Stegner

The actress also counts this inspiring story among her favorites. Upon being confined to a wheelchair, the main character in "Angle of Repose" retreats to his ancestral home to write a biography about his grandmother. He soon discovers his own story while uncovering his past.

6. "East of Eden," By John Steinbeck

Curtis says this is the book that changed her life.

It was written by acclaimed author John Steinbeck who wrote about the intertwined destinies of two rival families.

7. "King Rat," by James Clavell

At age 13, Curtis picked up this book and "devoured" it. "It really ignited my love of historical fiction," she said.

Set in the town of Changi, this story leads the reader through a notorious prisoner of war camp in Asia.

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