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This adorable accessory makes mask-wearing fashionable (and warm) for kids

It's a cute and cozy layer children (and adults) will love.

Punxsutawney Phil predicted another six weeks of winter, so you might have to bundle up just a little bit more before you leave your house.

Whether you and the kids are headed on a weekend hike or plan on braving the cold for some socially distant backyard fun, investing in an accessory that will keep the little ones warm and protected as the colder days keep on coming is one worth finding. And we've found a face mask "hack" kids (and adults) will love.

With a thick exterior fabric and a fuzzy interior lining, this fluffy kids hat has a built-in cozy, detachable face mask, making it a winter accessory so adorable we almost wish it was available in bigger sizes (luckily, we rounded up a few adult options below).

T Wilker Kids Aviator Hat with Mask

The practical style sits among the top 50 girls' novelty hats and caps on Amazon and holds a 4.5-star overall rating from its reviewers. Since it comes in three different colors, finding a style that younger kids will actually want to wear won't prove to be a difficult task. Additionally, this aviator style hat received a kid-friendly upgrade thanks to the playfully cute ears that make it hard to pass up on.

It's a fun extra layer

Since face masks with valves don't meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's guidelines, wearing a traditional fabric or disposable mask underneath the hat's detachable mask or over the valve is necessary in order to protect others, Dr. Candice Jones, an Orlando, Florida-based pediatrician, told Shop TODAY.

"You could have them wear a regular mask that is approved, and then they can put that over it," Jones said, "A parent should not just put that on [their child] alone."

To help keep little ones warm, the cozy hat's mask is crafted with two layers of fleece on the earflaps and a softer fabric on both the inside and outside of the hat for a cozy feel. When worn over a traditional mask, it can only help trap in warmth and keep your face further protected from the outside elements. While the CDC hasn't officially recommended wearing two face masks, doubling up may prove beneficial.

"Wearing two masks helps improve the filtration ability of the mask in both directions, so it helps protect you better and it helps protect others," Linsey Marr, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Virginia Tech, said last month on TODAY.

Even if you're saving your next ski trip for 2022, the hat is the perfect fit for any child's winter wardrobe for plenty more seasons. The buckle closure secures around the chin to prevent it from shifting around while playing outside or sledding during the next snowstorm. The removable mask is lined with polyester, which is a breathable material and allows for air to pass through the valve.

Looking for an accessory that is just as stylish as the kid's version? We rounded up a few winter hat and mask combinations that can also be worn over a disposable or fabric face mask.

1. Ayamaya Winter Hat with Face Mask

This windproof and weather-resistant hat is ideal for most outdoor activities, as the brand says it can withstand temperatures of up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. Since the detachable mask might not fit firmly enough around your face, it is best to put a protective mask underneath that will cover your mouth and nose fully.

2. AlejasKiosk Winter Hat with Mask

A chic take on a pom-pom beanie, this winter hat can also offer an additional layer of warmth on a cold day. Since it is made from a soft, brushed acrylic fabric, it is best to wear a CDC-approved face mask underneath it to ensure that you are protecting yourself and others.

3. FreshTrendsCA Black Winter Cap With Face Cover

This bestseller is lined with soft faux fur and can be thrown in the wash after use. The sleek hat comes with a mask that can be secured with a button, so you have enough room to fit a disposable or a fabric mask underneath too.

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