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This $4 Eos shaving cream has over 4 million likes on TikTok

Reviewers are "obsessed" with the moisturizing formula.
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Swimsuit season is nearly upon us. And while we can't wait for days spent lounging by the pool, for anyone who ditched their razor for most of the winter (raises hand), the idea of starting to shave regularly again is enough to dim some of that excitement.

Thankfully, having the right tools on hand can make the process feel like less of a burden. Along with a quality razor, finding a good shaving cream is important, especially when it comes to preventing bumps and irritation on your legs and bikini line. And the internet has found a new favorite in the Eos Shea Better Shaving Cream.

In a recent TikTok video, user Carly Joy responded to a comment asking her about her "secret" for a bump-free bikini line. She revealed that she uses the Eos cream, calling it an "absolute blessing." The video has since been viewed more than 15 million times and has over 4 million likes, and plenty of comments from people who use the cream and love it.

As if the raving TikTok reviews weren't enough to have us immediately adding the shaving solution to our carts, it's also super popular among Amazon shoppers. It's the top No. 1 bestselling shaving cream on the site and has an average 4.6-star rating from more than 14,000 reviews. While it normally costs nearly $6, you can get it on sale right now for just $3.99.

Eos Shea Better Shaving Cream

The cream is made with natural shea butter and oil to keep your skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. The Vanilla Bliss fragrance, which was featured in Joy's TikTok, is currently sold out on Amazon, but you can still find it from other retailers, like Target, Walmart or Ulta. And Amazon shoppers can still grab the pomegranate raspberry scent, a refreshing option that's perfect for spring.

Unlike other shaving creams, this one is non-foaming and reviewers say it goes on more like a thick lotion, which makes it easier to see where you're shaving and catch any hairs you may have missed.

"I’m obsessed with this shaving cream," wrote one reviewer. "It actually leaves my legs moisturized whereas most leave me feeling dry and itchy."

It works wet or dry, so you can use it in the shower or for a quick shave when you're in a pinch. Not only is it moisturizing, but according to the brand, it also helps protect against nicks and cuts for an overall smoother finish — which is key when you haven't shaved in a while.

"This stuff works great," said one verified reviewer. "If you’re anything like me and have been neglecting the usual smooth summer legs thanks to quarantine.. well you know how rough it can be after a few weeks of neglect. This shaving cream saved my legs from the usual razor burn and miserable itchy feeling that follows."

Since the formula is so thick, some people say that it can clog up your razor. But other reviewers note that a little bit goes a long way and by applying only a thin layer and massaging it in (so you can still see your skin) you won't run into the issue.

"This is the best shave cream I have come across in my life," another reviewer wrote. "I can use it on my armpits and bikini area with ZERO razor burn. The consistency is like a lotion, it doesn't foam all up. The fragrance is clean and light. When you're done your legs feel like silk — I will never use anything else!"

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