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12 smart tech gadgets for travel, the outdoors, more — according to an expert

You'll want to keep these gadgets on your radar this spring.

Now that warmer weather is arriving and we're nearing closer to the summer months, you're probably looking to plan that big getaway or starting to spruce up your outdoor areas.

To take your space to the next level and make your travel plans a little easier, tech expert Katie Linendoll stopped by TODAY to share some hot new tech gadgets you'll want to check out for spring. From a Bluetooth gadget that helps you enjoy in-flight entertainment with your wireless headphones to a smart birdfeeder for your backyard, Linendoll has you covered on the latest smart gadgets for the season.

Read on for all of Linendoll's picks, including more gadgets for the outdoors.

Tech upgrades for the outdoors and travel as seen on TODAY

PictureThis Plant Identifier App

Whether you're new to being a plant parent or looking to learn about a flower you found, this app can identify over 17,000 plant species, says the brand. All you have to do is take a picture of the plant and the app will identify it, even telling you how to take care of it. Another neat feature that the brand notes is that it can tell you if the plant is toxic, so you know to keep it away from children and pets. A monthly membership is only $2.99 or you can try it for free for seven days.

Bird Buddy

Linendoll says this is essentially a video doorbell, but for your birdhouse feeder! According to the brand, the A.I. birdfeeder hooks up to your phone via an app and will notify you when your feeder has a little visitor. And that's not all, it will take an image of the bird, identify it and save a collection for you to share with your family and friends.

Twelve South Airfly Pro

If you've ever gotten on a flight and realized you don't have the compatible headphones to hook up to the in-flight television, Linendoll says this pick is perfect for you! It plugs into the seat jack and allows you to hook up to two wireless headphones through the device's Bluetooth, so you and your travel partner can still enjoy the in-flight entertainment. According to the brand, it holds over 25 hours of charge and can also be used in cars, boats and other devices that aren't Bluetooth-compatible. You can also opt for the Airfly SE version, which is slightly less expensive but can only be used with one pair of headphones. Bluetooth Sound Therapy Eye Mask

This eyemask comfortably blocks out light and plays soothing white noise to help you sleep at home or while traveling, says Linendoll. In fact, the brand says it helps create your very own "personal bubble." It features built-in sounds or you can stream music from your own device.

Moleskin Smart Writing Set

Coming with a smart notebook and pen, the brand says this writing system allows you to take notes like normal, then it transfers your handwritten notes straight to digital form through the Moleskin Notes app. Plus, the smart pen allows you to make audio recordings, which can also be stored and accessed through the app, according to the brand.

More gadgets to upgrade the outdoors

Steve Greenberg, the host of YouTube's Gadget Game Show "What the Heck is That?" and Our Gadget Guy, previously stopped by TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, to share items that can upgrade your outdoor experiences — and they just might change the way you spend your time outside.

Ryobi One+ 18V EZClean Cordless Water Power Cleaner

Need to pressure wash outdoor furniture, windows or anything in between? This power cleaner from Ryobi can pull water from a hose and deliver all of the benefits of a pressure washer without the high price tag. You can choose from three spray patterns — 15 degrees, turbo or rinse — to get the job done.

The Interlocking Acacia Deck Tiles

Don't have an outdoor patio or want to upgrade your current one? You can instantly build a patio with these interlocking tiles without any drilling or hammering, and then pack them up to bring them elsewhere, if you please. They're made from Acacia wood, so they are naturally water-resistant and can support up to 200 pounds. Although they can develop a grey tint, you can oil them to help maintain the original, bright finish of the wood across seasons.

The Portable Picnic Grill

You can take this grill from the campsite to the balcony and back without taking up too much room anywhere you bring it. It's made from a durable cast aluminum and features two charcoal pits that can hold up to eight burgers or 16 skewers — and it only weighs six pounds.

The Gardenuity Garden

Want to get into gardening but don't know where to start? Or simply find gardening to be a tedious task? Gardenuity will send all of the essentials to your door, so you can assemble your own garden in as little as 20 minutes. What's included? Fertilizer, soil, a season's worth of Grow-Pro, weather alerts, a container and fully rooted live plants.

Nite Ize NiteGem LED Luminary Disc-O Select Light

Prolong the life of the backyard party or campfire with these cool lights Greenberg picked. They're waterproof and can provide some extra light while enjoying a meal outside or during family game nights.

Bug Bite Thing

Shop TODAY discovered this magical tool last summer, and Greenberg can confirm it's worth the hype. It uses suction to remove insect venom from the skin, thus alleviating the stinging, itching and swelling caused by bug bites. It has over 30,000 reviews on Amazon and even won the 2020 Consumer World Awards Gold Winner for "Consumer Product of the Year."

TYLT Power Bottle

Headed out on a hike or plan on spending the afternoon in the backyard? Keep hydrated and charge your phone at the same time with this handy gadget. The stainless steel bottle can keep drinks cold (or hot) for up to 12 hours and can bring your phone to a full battery level up to two times on a single charge.