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This absorbent stone bath mat makes water instantly disappear — and keeps my floor dry

I retired my fuzzy bath rug for this safer, cleaner and chicer option.
Courtesy Anna de Souza

As a seemingly traditionalist bath rug person, I've purchased — and repurchased — a few fuzzy shag mats throughout my life. However, months into crushing those carpet fibers down with soaking wet feet always rendered them matted and musty, and I've often been forced to throw them in the washer and dryer in a futile attempt to revive them to their former glory (to no avail).

There was another annoying pain point that only became more of a nuisance after I had kids — all the debris that would work its way into the nooks and crannies of the fibers. It wasn’t realistic to pull the vacuum out for it every day, so I’d pick out any offending lint with my fingers. (Not the most glamorous chore as you can imagine.) And sure, the fuzzy pile was a solution to soaking up water, but with all its other downsides, this "solution" was itching for a redesign.

The catalyst to tossing these rugs away came as my family moved into our first home last spring. The bathrooms were so pretty with gray limestone and buffed, modern finishes, and I was quick to convince myself these shaggy rugs wouldn’t make the cut here. I initially purchased wood bamboo mats, which were nice but non-absorbent. As water drained from my feet and pooled beneath it, the entire mat woudl become unsteady and slide as I stepped off. With bounce-happy four-year-olds, this was certainly not ideal.

So, I took a deep dive online and was drawn to the sleeker design and reasonable price of this Drysolu Stone Mat.

Drysolu Bath Stone Mat

According to the brand, the diatomaceous earth material is super absorbent and keeps floors completely dry. I'd be the judge of that...

Courtesy Anna de Souza

When the mat arrived, it was much lighter than I expected. The package also included a mesh non-stick pad, to help the mat adhere to the tile beneath it, and sandpaper to buff away any stains. As far as how to clean it, the brand says you can just wipe it down with a towel or give it a quick rinse under water.

I honestly couldn’t have planted it in my master bathroom quicker, as I wanted to test it immediately. We (me and my kids) sprinkled water from the sink onto the mat and, within seconds, each drop magically disappeared! Next, we created handprints — and those vanished almost immediately as well.

Courtesy Anna de Souza

Mondano Stone Coasters

Drying Stone Sink Organizer Tray

We’re so excited about expanding our diatomaceous earth collection, and we’re sure the kids are looking forward to tracing more disappearing hearts onto the new magical gear.