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This dry shampoo is celebrity hairstylist approved — and it's only $5

It's been used on superstars such as Gal Gadot and Dakota Johnson!
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Having a reliable dry shampoo on hand can be a lifesaver when you need to revive your hair in a hurry. However, not all dry shampoos are created equal. Some leave a pesky residue, others don't provide enough volume, and some feel like they're barely cleaning anything at all.

If you're looking for an effective yet affordable solution, celebrity hairstylist and Dove partner Mark Townsend swears by Dove Care Between Washes Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo (previously called Dove Refresh and Care - Volume and Fullness).

Dove Care Between Washes Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo

"This is my favorite dry shampoo," Townsend told us. "It’s my go-to product for styling because it truly adds volume to any look without leaving a powdery residue."

While most people might think to reach for hairspray when they want extra volume, Townsend says he actually prefers spraying dry shampoo at the roots to add bounce to lifeless hair.

"I find dry shampoo to be more effective than hairspray at achieving long-lasting volume, because the starch in the dry shampoo formula separates hair, making it look fuller, while hairspray sticks hair together," he said.

Townsend's clientele includes superstars such as Gal Gadot, Dakota Johnson and Rachel Weisz, who have all used the product for recent red carpet appearances.

If you're new to the world of dry shampoo, Townsend has some tips to help you get the most out of the product.

"I see so many women making the mistake of spraying dry shampoo too close to their head, which results in a thicker residue that weighs hair down," he said. "Hold the can 8-12 inches away and apply an even spray over your roots. Wait a few seconds for the product to settle, then massage with your fingers into your scalp to absorb oil while lifting at the roots to create volume."

Amazon shoppers seem to be loving the product too, with over 600 verified customers leaving a five-star review.

"Most of the other brands I've tried don't make much of a difference and just leave my hair feeling weird and dry," one reviewer wrote. "Dove is the only brand that leaves me satisfied every time I use it."

Many reviewers pointed to its light texture and pleasant scent as major selling points.

"I used it on my dark blonde hair and it looked like I had just taken a shower, no powdery residue like I have had with other brands," another reviewer wrote. "It has a light feel that is unnoticeable and it smells great too."

If your hair is constantly in need of a little refresh, this stylist-approved dry shampoo might just become your new best friend.

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