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I work, snack and lounge from my couch — this cup holder keeps my space organized

This genius hack is a work-from-home, road trip and lounging essential.
Split image of a woman drinking coffee on her sofa and using a cozy cup holder for her items
Courtesy Rebecca Treon

I’m a career-long remote worker. (I was rocking the athleisure/loungewear trend long before it became trendy post-pandemic.) Since I don’t have a designated cubicle — I live in a pint-sized cottage that doesn’t lend itself to a spacious work area — I typically get work done while sitting on the couch. In addition to acting as my desk, the couch also happens to be where I spend quality time with my family. And where I also tend to eat lunch ... you guessed it: the couch. My less-than-ideal work space and habits aside, the sofa doesn't really have any storage space for my afternoon snacks, remote controls, drinks (and more), I use throughout the day. Enter: the Cup Cozy Pillow.

Cup Cozy Deluxe Pillow

Yes, this home hack looks like just a foam square with five holes of varying sizes featured throughout — however, its usefulness goes far beyond what meets the eye.

Everything from my mug of coffee to my glass of water fits into the holes firmly and securely, keeping everything right at my side without having to stretch to get things out of arm’s reach. (The end table I have is placed just far away enough to make grabbing drinks slightly awkward from where I usually.) It’s also solid enough that when I get up off of the couch, the pillow stays in place and doesn’t tip. It also has a spot for the remote — bonus!

One surprising use that I found was that I could use the Cup Cozy to prop up my laptop, giving me an additional option for a work position where my arms are slightly more raised and I’m sitting more ergonomically.

It's great for using on the road

The advertising on the Cup Cozy Pillow product page says it can be used "anywhere," so I decided to take it for a test drive — literally. I propped it up on the console that folds down between my two back passenger seats, where my kids sit. Its stretchy cup holes are perfect for those travel mugs that are awkward sizes and don’t fit in the car cup holder. My daughter and her friends can easily store their snack bars, candy and juice boxes, without experiencing spills!

A cozy cup holder in a car
Courtesy Rebecca Treon

Every time I go to the beach, a picnic, or an outdoor concert, balancing drinks on the uneven ground becomes an absurd challenge. (Honestly, no one uses the lid of the cooler with the little indentations for the cups, because they end up tipping anyway.) So, I think I'll get a lot of use out of this pillow over the summer during outdoor gatherings, especially since it sits firmly on the ground and creates a space to hold cups easily. It also has a handle on the side, so it can be carried anywhere. And the cover is easy to spot clean or remove for a more thorough washing!

It comes in handy in the most unexpected ways

Unfortunately, my daughter had a virus recently that kept her home and convalescing for a few days. While she wasn’t confined to bed the entire time, she did spend more time than usual there. She loved having the Cup Cozy Pillow at her side; it held her favorite drinks, snacks, and a packet of tissues within easy reach.

The Cup Cozy may not be a "necessity," but it sure comes in handy in more situations than you’d expect. In my opinion, it's truly a guilty pleasure; not only does it give me quick and easy access to all my essential items, it also allows me the opportunity to simply relax. Since everything I need is within arm's reach, I can truly live my best couch potato life (outside my 9-to-5 hours, that is).