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This affordable Amazon nightgown is stretchy, soft and perfect for summer

It's so comfortable, I'm tempted to wear it out of the house.
TODAY Illustration / Courtesy Katie Jackson

My last nightgown had a Disney character on it and I had to be careful not to trip on the skirt when climbing up the ladder to the top bunk. In other words, it’s been decades since I slept in a dress. It’s also been a long time since I had a good night’s sleep, which is most likely because I’m sleeping in the wrong clothing.

Recently, I decided to see if trading my old, oversized T-shirt for real pajamas would help. And during my search for the best option for summer, I found a popular nightgown on Amazon with more than 4,500 five-star ratings.

Ekouaer Sleeveless Long Nightgown

Reviewers love it

Almost any product on Amazon with more than 1,000 reviews catches my eye. But what really sold me on the Ekouaer Sleeveless Long Nightgown was that 70% of reviewers gave it a full five stars. That was reason enough to try it, and the very reasonable price tag also helped me click “Buy Now” instead of just “Add to Cart.”

Depending on which of the 30 different colors you pick, you’ll pay between $16 and $24 — and I ordered my night dress in a beautiful shade of blue, which happened to be at the lower end of the price range. This sleeveless style features a flattering wide V-neck with pleated detailing that makes it super easy to slip over your head. And I certainly don't mind that the high-low hemline makes my legs look longer.

This summer nightgown only cost $18 on Amazon
Katie Jackson trying on her new favorite nightgown for summer.Katie Jackson

I want to host a pajama party

Even though I don’t leave the house in this nightgown, I want to. In fact, it’s stylish enough that I want to host a pajama party just so other people can enjoy what it looks like, too. It’s not nearly as suggestive as a negligee, but I still feel sexy wearing it.

I’ve been sleeping in an old T-shirt for so long that I forgot how it feels to go to bed and wake up looking attractive enough that I’d answer the door if someone knocked. It feels amazing. However, I didn’t buy this nightgown for looks alone — I needed to be able to sleep well in it.

I tried this $18 nightgown from Amazon, and I love it
Katie Jackson gets a much better night's sleep while wearing this Amazon nightgown.Katie Jackson

These gowns are made for sleeping

Whoever designed this nightgown knew that the difference between a good night’s sleep and a great night’s sleep can be found in the fabric. The material is what really sets this garment apart. It’s mostly made of rayon, which the brand says is "cool and breathable," "very skin-friendly" and "just like sleeping on a cloud." My old cotton T-shirt was none of those things — it was just familiar.

Even though my old cotton T-shirt has been washed with fabric softener thousands of times, it’s still not as soft as this new nightgown. In fact, the fabric feels softer than most of the newborn clothing I recently felt while shopping for a friend’s baby shower. It's also made with spandex, which adds the perfect amount of stretchiness. And it's fitted enough that I’m not worrying about tripping over extra fabric.

My go-to nightgown for summer only cost me $18
This Amazon nightgown is comfortable, soft and perfect for summer.Katie Jackson / TODAY

Counting ZZZs instead of sheep

Of course, my bunk bed days are far behind me, and I doubt I’ll be wearing anything with cartoon characters on it anytime soon, but I will go back to sleeping in a nightgown. Since I started sleeping in something actually designed for sleeping in, a funny thing has happened: I’ve slept much better. Thanks to this nightgown, I’ve gone from counting sheep to counting ZZZs.

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