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This rosemary hair oil quickly strengthened my fine hair — without weighing it down

Fuller, healthier-looking hair is easier to achieve than I thought.
Courtesy Madison San Miguel

I’ll publicly admit that on my non-wash days, my hair is noticeably greasy, dry and a tad flakey. This unfortunate trio of issues gives my already thin hair minimal volume and bounce that is often impossible to revive with dry shampoo. The extra oils have also led to more hair fallout, and I frequently attempt to hide my oily scalp with a baseball cap or “sleek” bun.

To manage my greasy strands, I've tried a plethora of solutions: dry shampoo, scalp scrubs, apple cider vinegar and more. But the least likely out of these options that I would've considered to combat oiliness would be a hair oil. To my surprise, rosemary oil — which recently gained popularity for its benefits in treating hair loss, greasiness and thinning — might just be my answer. I was pleased to come across the Briogeo Rosemary Pre-Wash Oil: A scalp treatment that promises to balance and combat these concerns without the heavy residue — all while helping to promote hair growth. 

Briogeo Rosemary Pre-Wash Oil

Research shows that an oily scalp can be caused by genetics, stress, overwashing, skin conditions and other health concerns. And if you have excessive oily hair like myself, you might notice some hair loss and thinning, too.

During my hunt for a solution, I discovered that rosemary oil is superb for hair growth, decreasing hair loss and promoting a health scalp. The science behind this lies with rosemary’s ability to improve inflammation and circulation. That being said, it can potentially prevent hair follicles from dying off; one of the ultimate reasons for premature hair loss. 

But Briogeo has presented another reason for using rosemary oil: It is incredibly nourishing for those with dry and itchy scalps, which can be another root cause behind oiliness and hair loss. This product, in particular, uses rosemary oil as its star ingredient to improve scalp health without the greasy residue. It even claims to work well with all hair types and textures, even if it is thin and fine like my own. 

Courtesy Madison San Miguel

During the application process, one thing I noticed about the product is that the oil does not feel heavy when applied. When I’ve used other hair oil treatments before, I immediately had to wash out the product because of how it weighed down my hair — both in how it felt and looked. This oil also isn’t thick nor runny. In essence, it is a happy medium of what you want an oil treatment to be. When I squeezed the bottle gently, the product quietly came out and never dripped down onto my face and clothes, so the rest of the process was seamless. 

I would also describe the application process as a deep massage. I used a scalp brush to gently exfoliate and boost circulation on my scalp as a prep for the oil. Once applied, I used my finger tips to evenly spread and knead the product throughout my scalp. Briogeo recommends doing this step for at least 10-minutes, but the longer you massage, they claim the better it will penetrate. 

You can opt to leave the oil in your hair overnight or as a quick 10-minute treatment before showering. While testing the product, I tried both methods and received equally satisfying results. But when I had a bit of extra time in the morning the next day, I used it overnight for a bit more moisture during the winter months. I didn’t see any transfer on my pillowcase, nor did I find it overly oily to wear for 6 to 8 hours straight. It was also just as easy to remove out of my hair as it was washing it off in a 10-minute time span. Unlike other oil-based treatments, I found that this did not give my hair a greasy appearance after showering. Instead, your hair should look a bit healthier than before. 

Courtesy Madison San Miguel

Although it is meant to be a scalp treatment, I enjoyed the moisturizing benefits of the product on the tips of my hair, too. Since it is made up of castor oil, biotin, bisabolol (a chamomile derivative) and other nourishing ingredients, my dry ends instantly felt quenched. (This combo gives the product a light scent, too, that reminded me of products you’d use in a salon.) I also enjoyed the fact that this mixture is incredible for a dry scalp, so any dry patches and itchiness I felt were soothed and looked less flakey. I'm still unsure if it calmed any of my oiliness, but nonetheless, my hair feels better than it did before. (And as a pro-tip, Briogeo says you can even use the product for sleek hair looks.)

Over all, the simplicity of this product makes it an incredible treatment to include in your routine. It doesn’t take too long to apply, nor is it a burdensome task to distribute and wash out. Even with thin hair, I found that this product wasn’t overbearing for my strands, so it should work for almost every hair type. If you want the shine, this hair oil is a must.