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12 best weighted blankets for kids in 2021

From soft fabrics to adorable prints, these weighted blankets will deliver "consistent hugs" throughout the night.
Weighted blankets for kids
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Nearly every parent is familiar with the laundry list of questions and excuses kids come up with for not being quite ready to drift off to dreamland — like needing one more bedtime story or that last drink of water from the fridge.

Enter the weighted blanket, a soft blanket filled with beads or poly-pellets designed to help people relax under its weight.

Dr. Markesha Miller, a licensed psychotherapist, says weighted blankets are a great choice for kids who struggle with sleeping through the night or are transitioning to sleeping alone, and can also help kids with autism, ADHD and anxiety.

"One thing we know about children is they seek soothing and comfort," Miller told Shop TODAY. "When a child is afraid and you hold them or hug them, they feel comforted and at ease. A weighted blanket is able to provide that for a child in a scientific way, so, compare a weighted blanket for a child to a consistent hug."

Miller says kids who snuggle up with one of these relaxation-inducing blankets may be more likely to feel soothed and want to stay in bed.

"Children love hugs, as a matter of fact, they need them," Miller continued. "To a child, this is what a weighted blanket feels like."

While adult weighted blankets can weight up to 25 pounds, the ones for kids are usually between five and 15 pounds. To get the perfect size blanket for your child, Miller recommends choosing one that weights about 10% of their body weight.

We've rounded up 12 of the cutest, softest and most child-friendly weighted blankets out there to make bedtime a little easier.

Top-rated weighted blankets for kids

1. Dream Weighted Blanket

This baby-soft, four-pound weighted blanket is best for kids between ages 3 and 8 who weigh at least 30 pounds. The blanket has a satin edge and is two-sided: One side is made from cozy flannel and the other from a super-soft polyester.

2. SensaCalm Custom Weighted Blanket

Everything about these kids' weighted blankets can be customized, from fabric to monogramming to weight, making it a sure contender for your kids' go-to bedtime blanket.

3. Onyx Weighted Bamboo Blanket

Filled with glass beads and made from bamboo-viscose fabric, this 15-pound weighted blanket from Cariloha repels odors, allergens and toxins, allowing kids to rest easy.

4. Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket

This weighted blanket has two sides: one cozy and warm, and the other tranquil and cooling. It's a good option for older kids, as it's available in both 15- and 20-pound versions.

5. CVS Health Children's Weighted Blanket

This soft, comforting blanket is lightweight and perfect for little kids. At five pounds, the blanket is recommended for kids age 4 and older who weight at least 40 pounds.

6. Fox Florals Weighted Blanket

Created by a certified women- and disabled veteran-owned business, Birdy Boutique's blankets weigh five pounds and are recommended for kids who weigh between 40 and 60 pounds. A sweet bonus is the beautiful floral print, sure to make any kid happy.

7. Educational Solar System Weighted Blanket

Also created by Birdy Boutique, this five-pound weighted blanket comes in a colorful solar system print.

8. BlanQuil Junior Kids Weighted Blanket

Pink or blue? These beautifully colored blankets are covered in a machine-washable duvet and are made of breathable hypoallergenic fabric.

9. The Secur Weighted Blanket

This soft weighted blanket is filled with glass beads and available in 10-, 15- or 20-pound sizes.

10. Tranquility Kids weighted Blanket

With a washable pink or blue cover and temperature-balancing technology that helps keep kids warm or cool, this six-pound weighted blanket, available at Walmart, is a great option.

11. The Napper Knitted Weighted Blanket

This unique kids' weighted blanket is knitted and comes in tons of colors and weights.

12. Minecraft Daytime Weighted Blanket

Got a Minecraft lover in your house? This 4.5-pound weighted blanket is sure to delight any kid who enjoys the game.

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