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6 ways to upgrade, organize and decorate your kitchen — for less than $20

These helpful solutions make revamping your kitchen a breeze.

If you've been spending more time than ever before in your kitchen, you might be noticing pesky problems that seem like they need professional attention. Can't get your cabinet doors to stop slamming shut? Wish you could have a professional organizer design a new storage solution for your pantry? There are plenty of ways to tackle these issues that don't involve breaking the bank, and you can get the job done yourself.

Award-winning interior designer Kristy Kay stopped by TODAY to share a few easy kitchen hacks that you'll wish you had known about sooner. From DIY cabinet organizers to an innovative way to rid your faucets of hard water buildup, Kay has a way to get it all done on the cheap — and without turning it into a weekend-long affair.

Read on for easy ways to upgrade, organize and decorate in your kitchen right now.


Cleaner kitchen faucet

Between the cold weather and frozen pipes, hard water buildup might be making its way onto your faucets. Luckily, Kay has a chemical-free hack to help break down accumulated buildup in a few hours. Just put half a lemon in a Ziploc bag and use a rubber band to attach the lemon so that the faucet is pressing into the cut side of the lemon. Wait five minutes while the lemon's acid does its thing. Remove the lemon and let the water run for two minutes.

Amazon Basics Assorted Rubber Bands

Use a rubber band to keep the plastic bag in place during the process. Whether you need to give multiple faucets a cleaning or can expect for some to break, this bag from Amazon contains more than enough rubber bands.

Ziploc Grip 'n Seal Freezer Bags

These Ziploc bags are a convenient size and are sturdy enough to prevent spills or breakage while the buildup breaks up.

Stop slamming doors

Tired of hearing slamming cabinets or bedroom doors? Kay has an affordable fix to nip the problem in the bud.

Everbilt Self-Adhesive Clear Surface Bumper Stickers

These self-adhesive stickers provide enough cushion to prevent doors in your home from slamming, reducing unwanted noise. Just stick them at the top and bottom corners of cabinetry. They can also be used under planters to help keep them raised and prevent water stains on your counters or shelves.

Fix stubborn drawers

Sticky drawers can be a pain, but you don't have to take them apart in order to fix the problem.

Natural Beeswax Votive Candles

After you take out the drawer, you can rub the underside of it with a beeswax candle. This will help lubricate the drawer and prevent it from sticking. You'll want to rub it on the drawer until a smooth coating forms on the areas that typically cause friction.


Clear up your drawers and cabinets from bulky packaging and make better use of cabinet space with this hack that uses space you likely thought was impossible — cabinet doors.

Command Small Utility Hooks

Command hooks can help organize clear wrap, aluminum foil and parchment paper without taking up space in your drawers. Simply place the adhesive inside your cabinet doors. Place a hole on each end of the box where the hook will latch on, and mount the plastic wrap inside for a more convenient way to rip off a sleeve in the kitchen.

Simple Houseware Black Magazine File

Make use of space inside larger cabinets by mounting magazine files to the doors. They can easily be used to hold spices, sauces, rolling pins and other tall baking utensils without using space on shelves.

Scotch-Mount Indoor Double-Sided Mounting Tape

Double-sided mounting tape will make hanging the magazine files a much easier task, but they can also be used to hang picture frames and small storage units without damaging walls.

DIY Decor

Make your kitchen feel lively by creating custom artwork and making practical use of space. Paintable wallpaper is an easy way to create menus, give kids a creative outlet and more.

PracticalWs Black Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

This removable wallpaper can be used on a variety of surfaces, from walls to cabinets. If you don't want to commit to a large space, you can apply it to a small board or canvas and decorate it to create a functional piece of decor.

Kassa Large Chalkboard Contact Paper Roll

Chalkboard contact paper can be used to create fun weekly "menus" or as a landing site for the family schedule to help manage busy weeks.

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