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If you sweat as much as I do, this mesh tank top will keep you dry and comfortable

It's making me actually want to exercise!
woman wearing blue workout tank top
Katie Jackson / TODAY

I'm one of those sweat-prone people who perspires even when just thinking about working out. Most athletic T-shirts and tank tops tend to cling to my clammy midsection when I exercise, and I'm constantly reminded of how wet I am. I can get by in yoga class by wearing just a sports bra, but I don't feel comfortable going shirtless to the gym or outside in public. For that reason, I recently decided to try Fihapyli's popular Racerback Tank Top.

Fihapyli Racerback Tank Top

It's only $19

All of my other tank tops are in the $40 range, so the fact that this tank top starts at around $19 is a serious plus. Still, I don't think sticker shock (the good kind) is the only reason it's selling so well.

I'm not an Amazon seller. But, if I was in the business, I'd be proud if my product averaged a four-star rating. This seller, Fihapyli (that also makes this popular mesh tank top with over 9,000 ratings), can boast of having a 4.5-star average rating from more than 13,000 total ratings. I think that deserves the Amazon seller version of an honor roll student bumper sticker. Plus, the reviews indicate that women of all shapes and sizes love it.

About to run stairs in my Fihapyli tank top
This Fihapyli Racerback Tank Top makes me want to exercise more!Katie Jackson

It checks all my boxes

When it comes to a workout tank top, I want something I like the look, fit and feel of. This one checks all those boxes. I got the Light Blue style, which caught my eye online and is even prettier in person. The color also doesn't show pit stains, which is a major plus.

drinking water
This versatile tank only takes 15-20 minutes to dry.Katie Jackson

The extra-small size wasn't available at the time that I ordered it, so I chose a size up. Still, the small fits my frame well enough that I didn't even consider returning it. In fact, I like how it's a little looser than expected because it allows me to tie a cute knot in the front or back. Even when it's tied, it doesn't cling to my belly the way other workout shirts do.

the mesh cutout in the back of the Fihapyli tank top
The mesh cutout on the back is one of my favorite features.Katie Jackson

My favorite feature, however, is the mesh cutout in the back. I'm on a very high dose of a medication with a major sweating side effect, so I need all the ventilation I can get. I don't have back acne, but if I did, this would definitely be the tank top I'd want to wear.

I also love how soft the fabric is and how fast it dries. I'm currently spending a few weeks in Portugal where dryers are a luxury that very few people have. However, this tank top dries in 15 to 20 minutes — even in Porto where a day with 70 percent humidity is considered dry.

I still sweat, but I'm comfortable

the Fihapyli tank top in light blue
I'm so happy that I traded my name-brand tank top for this $19 bestseller.Katie Jackson

This tank top hasn't made me sweat any less, but it's made me feel more comfortable in my skin. I might even be working out more than usual because of it. If that's not the highest praise a piece of activewear can get, then I don't know what is.

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