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These 15 basic upgrades can simplify your life — for as little as $12

From an inverted umbrella to something called a Crazy Susan, these innovative products might make your spring routines less of a hassle.

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Your spring cleaning is done. But what about your spring upgrading?

Jenn Falik, lifestyle expert and creator of The Ultimate Edit newsletter, stopped by TODAY to share her "Better Basics" for making life so much easier this spring. These products are tiny upgrades that have the potential to change your day.

From a wind-proof umbrella to boots that kids can put on themselves, these elevated versions of everyday essentials are time-savers that cut out some of the stress from daily life.

Scroll through to discover the products you’ll be amazed you’ve been living without.

Better basics for spring as seen on TODAY

Sharpty Inverted Windproof Reverse Umbrella

Designed to protect you from the elements at every turn, this umbrella will begin to open when you’re in the tightest of doorway cracks then fully extend once you’re outside. And because it closes inside-out, the floor, your stuff and your body will all stay dry.

Ragemall Women’s Raincoat

Editor's note: Our pick is sold out, but we found similar top-rated options below.

Nothing brightens a gloomy day like an affordable, fashionable find. The cinched waist on this rainproof trench keeps it flattering — and it’s got plenty of pockets to hold everything you need for the day. But best of all, it rings in at under $40.

Gorilla Grip Original Durable Natural Rubber Door Mat

Falik swears by this water-absorbent doormat. It’s perfect for quickly drying your shoes and keeping floors clean on a rainy day. But even if it does get soaked, this mat is designed to dry in a flash and can be easily cleaned with a broom or hand-held vacuum.

YouCopia Crazy Susan Turntable

This two-tiered spinning organizer is a step up from your traditional Lazy Susan. The Crazy Susan comes with removable bins and is the perfect tool for organizing your beauty products, spice cupboard or even kid’s art supplies.

Forc Silicone Spoon Rest

Editor's note: We found similar top-rated options below.

Cut your post-cooking clean-up time with this nifty tool. The silicone spoon rest keeps your spatulas, tongs, knives and other utensils organized and, more importantly, keeps your countertops clean.

Kfuvw Square Air Fryer Liners

Editor's note: Our pick is sold out, but we found similar top-rated options below.

If you’ve joined the recent air fryer kitchen trend, you know only one thing keeps the contraptions from being perfect: cleaning them when you’re done. These liners make clean-up a breeze, saving you time from having to scrub your appliance clean. Get a pack of 200 liners for less than $9.

More better basics for spring

Crocs Kids' Rainboots

Falik loves these rainboots for kids. The oversized handles make the boots super easy to pull on, so kids can get dressed themselves. They come in a rainbow of colors to suit every kid’s style.

Crocs Women's Jaunt Shorty Boot

These have the same waterproof protection as the kids’ boots, but with a dash of style. They’re lightweight so you can easily throw them in a tote bag and slip them on if there’s an unexpected spring storm.

Dress Downs Garment Weights

A Marilyn Monroe subway moment is glamorous in fantasy. In reality, it’s just embarrassing. These easy-to-use dress weights keep your skirt from flying up, even on the windiest days.

Totes Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella

This clear bubble umbrella is not only stylish but also completely practical. Stay completely guarded from the rain without sacrificing your vision. And reviewers say the umbrella’s sturdy design keeps it from blowing inside-out in heavy winds.

Nature Gear XL Picnic Backpack

The era of socially-distanced picnics is far from over. Upgrade your outdoor hangs this spring with this picnic backpack that has everything you need to dine, including a bottle opener and bamboo cutting board.

Costa Farms Aloe Vera Live Indoor Houseplant

Bring some new life into your home. Literally. The indoor plant trend isn’t going anywhere for interior design this spring. Costa Farms has tons of easy-to-care-for live plants that are ready to display as soon as they arrive.

Sunficon Makeup Organizer

Get your bathroom counter organized for spring. This design-savvy and intuitively organized countertop storage system will make your morning routine a breeze. (And it rings in at under $40!)

Tyroler Magnetic Window Cleaner

Easily clean both sides of your windows, no matter what floor you’re on. This innovative window cleaner uses magnets and rubber squeegees to get rid of hard-to-reach gunk. You’ll be surprised how much more light comes pouring into your rooms when you have squeaky clean windows.

DryZzz Pillowcase

Cutting back on heat styling will save your hair from damage. For people who shower before bed, this microfiber pillowcase is made to absorb moisture from your wet hair (or drool, if you sleep with your mouth open). It comes with a waterproof lining to keep your pillows looking perfect and free from mold.

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