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Build your beauty cabinet with these 7 skin care heroes, according to NewBeauty

Your beauty routine needs a spring refresh too!

Spring cleaning goes way beyond vacuuming and scrubbing. For those getting a head start on the process, your beauty cabinet may not be the first area that you think to tackle, but it could likely use some TLC.

And it's more than just washing your makeup brushes and getting rid of old products (because face it, those years-old lotions are probably expired). To help you get started, NewBeauty Senior Editor-At-Large Sarah Eggenberger stopped by TODAY with Hoda & Jenna to help you revamp and build a better beauty cabinet. From top-shelf game changers like vitamin C serums to everyday facial cleansing essentials, you'll want to have your shelves fully stocked with these items.

Shop acne solutions, moisturizing must-haves and more buzzy products to add to your beauty cabinet this spring, below.

Building your beauty cabinet as seen on TODAY

Everyday players

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser

For step one in your skin care routine, Eggenberger says cleansing is a non-negotiable and she loves this foaming cleanser by CeraVe, and it also happens to be a Shop TODAY favorite. According to the brand, it's packed with ceramides and will help restore your skin barrier. Eggenberger adds that people with oiler complexions will "thrive" on using this twice a day.

Dieux Skin Instant Angel

While moisturizing is a no-brainer in skin care routines, Eggenberger says it's all about choosing the correct texture depending on your skin type, and maturing skin will typically need more hydration, she adds. According to the brand, this moisturizer is fragrance-free and "deeply moisturizing" to restore your skin barrier. Plus, the brand says you'll get the benefits of a rich cream without leaving a heavy feeling.

TIZO AM Replenish Non-Tinted SPF 40

To protect against sun cancer and damage, Eggenberger says this multitasking sunscreen won't leave your skin feeling greasy. Infused with vitamins E and C as well as zinc, the brand says this SPF 40 also contains ceramides to help restore your skin barrier.


Bliss Bright Idea Vitamin C and Tri-Peptide

Eggenberger says that using a vitamin C serum each morning (and before moisturizing) will help your complexion look healthy and glowy, which she says is the ultimate skin care goal. This serum has over 2,000 Amazon ratings, and the brand says the lightweight formula can help reduce the appearance of dark spots and leave your skin looking brighter, and plumper.

Sephora Collection Clean Face Mask

"Face masks should be used periodically," says Eggengerger. "Seek out a face mask that's formulated to target whatever specific skin concerns you're facing that day; common examples include hydrating, clarifying, calming, and brightening masks."

The Sephora Collection sheet masks have nine options to choose from: coconut for nourishment, matcha tea for clarifying, lychee for moisturizing and more. And the best part? They're about $5 each!

In case of emergency

Peach Slices Acne Spot Dots

Eggenberger loves hydrocolloid patches to help with breakouts, since they help minimize developing and present blemishes, reduce inflammation and help you from picking. With over 7,000 Amazon ratings, the brand says these acne dots will reduce the size of your blemish in just 24 hours.

EWC Ingrown Hair Serum

"Whether you're shaving your legs, underarms or even your face, hair removal runs the risk of causing ingrown hairs," says Eggenberger.

To be prepared, she likes this ingrown hair serum from European Wax Center. Featuring lavender oil, tea tree oil and glycolic acid for exfoilation, the brand says you can apply this twice a day to existing breakouts or use it once a day for prevention.

More beauty for spring

Doing a clean sweep of your beauty routine for the new season means replacing your winter staples with fresh additions. Allure editor-in-chief Michelle Lee previously joined the 3rd hour of TODAY for "Clean Sweep" and shared the essential hair, skin and nail products that you'll want to add to your rotation this season.


Susteau Moondust Hair Wash

Haircare company OWA recently changed its name to Susteau, but the company is still making its signature waterless hair products. Designed for all hair types, this powder-to-lather shampoo gently cleanses hair, leaving you with softer, healthier locks. One bottle is equivalent to four bottles of liquid shampoo, so you won't be running out any time soon. It's available for pre-order now and is expected to ship in late March.

Neutrogena Healthy Scalp Clarify and Shine Scalp Scrub

Neutrogena's clarifying scrub is made with pink grapefruit to invigorate your hair and your senses. The formula is pH-balanced and will gently remove product and oil buildup for a cleaner, healthier scalp.


Dove Crushed Macadamia & Rice Milk Exfoliating Body Polish Scrub

When it comes to getting overall smoother and softer skin, exfoliation is key. This scrub provides moderate exfoliation to help remove dead skin cells and make way for new ones. The easily spreadable cream is made with moisturizing cream to deliver a dose of hydration.

Degree Stay Fresh On-The-Go Deodorant Wipes (Pack of 2)

Keep these wipes in your purse or gym bag for whenever you need a quick refresh during the day. The gentle and alcohol-free wipes can be used to remove sweat, perfect for moments when you're in a rush and don't have time to rinse off. They'll remove odor and leave you smelling like the fresh scent of white flower and lychee.


Kinship Insta Swipe Lemon Honey AHA Exfoliating Pads

An instant facial in a small package, these exfoliating pads will help your skin feel smooth and refreshed. Each pad is saturated in the AHA formula, with glycolic acid to clear your pores, lemon to tone skin and the brand's plant-based probiotic to support a strong skin barrier. Use it on clean skin - all skin types — at night three times a week, and gradually work your way up to daily use.

Carbon Theory Break-Out Control Facial Cleansing Bar

Keep your skin clear with this cleansing bar, made with charcoal, tea tree oil and shea butter. The formula is designed to reduce inflammation, prevent breakouts and nourish skin. Available exclusively at Ulta, the bar has an impressive average 4.8-star rating from more than 4,300 reviews, with reviewers saying that it helped clear up cystic acne and scarring.


Olive + June Cuticle Serum

Your nails need some TLC, too. This serum will hydrate and soothe cuticles, improving the look of your manicure. While you can get the solution on its own, you can also grab it as a part of the Olive & June Mani System, which includes everything you need, from tools to polish, to perfect your at-home manicure.