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I upgraded to a memory foam bath mat — and it's like stepping on a cloud

I'm never going back to a regular bath rug.
Katie Jackson / TODAY

For years, I've just used a towel as my bath mat. That's what was used in my house growing up. When it came time to furnish my own place, naturally I just bought what I knew.

However, I recently read about a memory foam bath mat on Amazon with over 5,000 verified reviews and I was immediately intrigued. I currently sleep with my memory foam pillow on my memory foam mattress, and I'm seriously considering getting this memory foam cushion to help with back pain. Why not try this memory foam bath mat?

Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat

One of Amazon's bestselling bath rugs

My new memory foam bath mat
Katie Jackson

The towel I've been using as a bath mat for years only cost me about $5. But on a five-star scale, I'd only give it 2.5 stars. Does it keep me from slipping? Yes. Is it comfortable? No. Does it prevent the floor from getting wet? It depends. Does it dry fast? Define fast.

In other words, when I saw that this bath mat has an impressive 4.6-star average rating and is ranked highly on Amazon's list of Bestsellers in Bath Rugs, I knew I had to give it a shot. Sure, the price tag was definitely more expensive than my current bath mat. Then again, what I had was a towel, not a mat.

There is a difference — a major difference

Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat
Katie Jackson

According to the product description of this mat, stepping onto it feels like stepping onto a cloud. I've never stepped on a cloud. I'm not sure I want to. However, I can say the difference between stepping on this mat versus my old towel is major. It's like the difference between wrapping your body in a thick, fluffy robe versus a scratchy, thin towel.

This mat — which is filled with "soft and comfortable polyurethane memory foam" — feels like something they'd have in a five-star spa. I love how my feet lightly sink into it in a similar way to how they sink into my favorite slippers. It feels like they're being pampered, even if it's just for a few seconds before I have to go on with my busy day. I wish they made yoga mats like this so my entire body could feel this way!

Quick-drying, non-slip and machine-washable

water droplets on my memory foam bath mat
Katie Jackson

One thing that makes this mat so soft is its velvety-smooth exterior. Fortunately, it's not actually velvet — it's a quick-drying microfiber. Unlike my bath mat towel which can easily become soaked and still be damp by the time of my next shower, this mat doesn't hold onto water. It seems to me like the droplets land on the rug and instead of being deeply absorbed, they just evaporate.

In fact, even though this rug can be put in the dryer, I often just let it hang dry. In terms of care, the only thing I really have to remember is to not place it directly on a wet floor. It has to be dry for the non-skid PVA dots to work. These dots make so much more sense than the rubber backing on other bath mats that usually ends up peeling off after several washes. I also appreciate that I don't need to buy a separate rug pad.

My kids will grow up with memory foam

No disrespect to my mom or dad, but my kids will grow up in a house with memory foam bath mats. My parents did an amazing job raising my brothers and me. However, life is too short not to treat your feet in such an easy and affordable way, every day.

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