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I ditched my phone alarm for this surprisingly stylish alarm clock

As a heavy sleeper, I’m impressed.
Split image of the JALL Digital Alarm Clock
TODAY Illustration / Courtesy Jillian Ortiz

My cellphone has long been the ultimate multipurpose tool in my life — it's replaced my TV, calculators and for a long time, my alarm clock. However, when you can slide your alarm clock under your pillow and press snooze without even opening your eyes, it's easy to sleep in later than you intended to.

So, while I long believed that I surpassed the need for a physical alarm clock, I proved myself wrong by missing a few important events this summer. I finally decided it was time to invest in something a little more "old school."

Since I've always found alarm clocks to look a little outdated, I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this modern-looking version on Amazon. Not only does it look ultra-sleek, but it's functional in all the right ways. Throw in the fact that it's currently the online retailer's No. 5 bestselling alarm clock, and there was next to nothing standing in my way of trying out this gadget for myself.

JALL Digital Alarm Clock

It's practical

Though it's available in six different styles that all resemble polished wood, the white style looked neutral enough to complement any space.

Out of the box, it took less than five minutes to set up. After reading through the instructions, I found that there is more to the clock than what meets the eye. Not only does it display the time, temperature and humidity levels in the room, but it also keeps track of the date and allows you to choose the brightness levels of the display. It even features a sound- and touch-activated display in case you wake up in the middle of the night and need to check the time.

Editorial assistant and heavy sleeper Jillian Ortiz using her JALL Digital Alarm Clock
"Not only does it look ultra-sleek, but it's functional in all the right ways."Jillian Ortiz / TODAY

I wasn't looking for an alarm clock that can connect to my phone and perform a thousand other tricks — I just wanted something simple that gets the job done! So, these unique and useful features checked off all the boxes for me.

It actually wakes me up

The most important factor for a heavy sleeper like me is the volume of the actual alarm. When I use my phone as an alarm, I put the volume on the highest setting and place the device just inches away from my head to make sure that I won't miss it.

Though I was initially worried that this alarm only functions at one volume setting, it is just loud enough to wake me up without being overly obnoxious. It's important for me to be conscious of early-morning noise levels, especially with roommates, and I found this clock to be just the right amount of loud.

You can save up to three alarms at once, so if you happen to miss the first, the other three will certainly make sure you are up on time.

It looks great

The JALL Digital Alarm Clock is the perfect size for your nightstand
The bestselling alarm clock displays the time, temperature and humidity levels in any room.Jillian Ortiz / TODAY

I can't stop raving over the look of this sleek design, which seems odd to say for someone who has been against the look of alarm clocks for years now. When I video chat with friends and family, it's one of the first things I show them on camera. In my own home, however, my mom likes it so much that she wants one for herself (she'll have to wait until Christmas).

Much like the clock's more than 18,000 verified five-star reviewers, I'm impressed by how the numbers appear on the wooden surface (or don't appear when I have it set to sound mode) and even by how it functions as a night light on the lowest brightness setting. Space on my desk and nightstand is crucial, so it also helps that the alarm clock doesn't take up too much room. It looks great whether it stands on its own or on top of a pile of used textbooks for space-saving purposes.

While it took years to cave into adulthood and take a chance on a real alarm clock, it was worth using the money that would have gone toward purchasing my next five lattes into a gadget that wakes me up just as easily as a cup of coffee.