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The search for my favorite eye cream is over thanks to this $11 product

Finally — an eye cream that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin!
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We all reach that moment when we look in the mirror and notice a few lines under our eyes that weren't there before. A few months ago, I took a look at myself in one of those terrifying magnifying mirrors and mildly panicked after seeing the state of my under-eye area.

I immediately looked up bestselling eye creams and was just as shocked by some of the high prices. I also remembered that my few experiences with other eye creams didn't end well for my sensitive skin and eyes.

I've been loving Cerave products lately (the brand's PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion is one of my favorite gentle moisturizers), so I decided to see if the brand made an eye cream. I was delighted to see that it did — and it costs less than $11 at most retailers!

Cerave Eye Repair Cream

Amazon also sells the cream in a pack of two if you want to stock up (each tube comes to just $10.79).

Cerave Eye Repair Cream 2-Pack

After using the cream almost every night for the past four months, I can safely say this is everything I've been looking for. The gentle, fragrance-free formula never irritates my eyes, and I haven't experienced the breakouts or tiny bumps that other eye creams have caused.

It has a medium-weight consistency, so it feels thick enough to provide a nice dose of hydration, yet light enough to absorb within a few seconds. According to the brand, it's formulated with hyaluronic acid to help plump skin with hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It's also made with ceramides, which can help restore the skin's natural barrier to retain moisture and protect from irritants and pollutants.

The product has over 1,000 verified reviews on Amazon as well, which was one of the many reasons that convinced me to add it to my cart.

"My raccoon eyes aren't as intense nor as big after a couple of weeks," one verified reviewer wrote. "It's also made the skin look less like crumped tissue paper, which is nice. I'd say it subtracts five years from my 30-something face. This has quickly become an essential part of my daily routine."

Another reviewer raved about the hydrating effects and lightweight texture.

"It has the consistency of a pudding, and leaves your skin feeling perfectly moisturized and not greasy," the verified purchaser wrote. "Additionally, it doesn't rub (off) very easily, so you don't have to worry about your eyes burning if you have an itch later in the day."

I'm still avoiding magnifying mirrors at all costs, but if I ever accidentally catch a glimpse of myself in one, I think I'll be a little less horrified by what I see thanks to this cream.

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