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This anti-aging moisturizer will replace both your lip balm and eye cream

It's from a celeb-favorite beauty brand, too!
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The wait is finally over.

After nine years of dishing up innovative skin care and makeup solutions, Glossier (which launched Glossier Play just last month) has announced the addition of its first-ever "one-of-a-kind eye and lip plumping cream."

The brand's affordable beauty products are beloved by celebrities like Brooklyn Decker and Hilary Duff (who both swear by the Boy Brow eyebrow gel), Tracee Ellis Ross (who's a fan of the Cloud Paint cream blush) and the list goes on.

Bubblewrap Eye + Lip Cream, $26, Glossier

Yesterday, Glossier teased the new product to its dedicated Instagram following, playing up the anticipation and demand (of course!) with screenshots of eager fans asking (make that practically begging) for the missing piece to their otherwise fulfilled Glossier skin care regimen.

“Tomorrow — eye cream gets Glossier,” the brand posted in its usual cheeky tone.

Come this morning, it made good on its promise with the reveal of Bubblewrap, its most-requested skin care product ever.

"And it isn't just an eye cream — it's an eye *and* lip cream. Meet Bubblewrap," the brand's post read.

Glossier made the product dual-purpose with the idea that the skin around both the eyes and lips is extra delicate, therefore requiring the same delicate treatment. “So we made an extra cushion-y, antioxidant-rich, 'handle with care' layer specifically designed for both zones.”

A third post went into more detail about the product's “featherweight” texture, which comes from “a unique water-in-oil emulsion" and features blueberry extract (antioxidants!), softening peptides and not one, but two forms of skin care heavy-hitter hyaluronic acid.

We asked the experts about what potential benefits could come from using a product with like this.

"Peptides are essentially proteins which help support the building blocks of our skin, collagen and elastin fibers. Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that absorbs 1000x its weight in water and leads to great plumping and hydration," explained Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson, a board-certified dermatologist and co-founder of Modern Dermatology.

Moisturizing avocado oil and squalane and smoothing vegetable protein and swertia chirata extract round out the hypoallergenic, cruelty-free and vegan formula.

For optimal results, the brand recommends using the cream every morning and night.

Sounds dreamy to us!

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