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Score big smiles with the kids when you shop these Advent calendars

These are sure to make for an exciting Christmas countdown.
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Although the jack o'lanterns and turkeys are still well on their way, we can already hear the jingle bells from a distance. Not only are candy brands anticipating the holiday season along with us, but more kid-friendly and toy brands are also merging their way into the Advent calendar game.

This year, for example, Lego has managed to create not just one, but several different Advent calendars for kids of all ages to enjoy during the holiday season. Other brands such as Funko Pop! and Hot Wheels have created Advent calendars that center around fun figures and characters, too. But if your child is more of a bookworm or sugar fiend, there's plenty of options available for them in the Advent calendar department they'll be sure to adore.

Read on for all of the best kids' Advent calendars you can add to your cart before they're gone.

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Best toy Advent calendars for kids

Play-Doh Advent Calendar Playset

For more hands-on play that will keep them occupied for more time than a figurine set, opt for this Advent calendar play set from Play-Doh. While there are 24 flaps to open, there are more than 24 items hidden behind each one, including Play-Doh, molding shapes, stick-on accessories and instructions on how to create snowmen, reindeer, a gingerbread man and a festive star.

"My 3.5 year-old son is having so much fun with this, and so am I," said one reviewer, adding, "We both get so excited to see what new stamp or play-doh will be behind the door. He is entertained for so long creating different things, which is a bonus for me! I definitely recommend."

Bluey Advent Calendar

If they're Bluey-obsessed and can't seem to get enough of the Aussie-born show, 24 accessories, action figures and stickers await them in this Advent calendar. Once it's all said and done, the action figures and accessories can come together to create a Bluey Christmas scene, complete with presents underneath a tree.

Crayola Christmas Countdown

The crafty kid could always use some quality arts supplies. Fortunately Crayola's got them covered this season with their jam-packed countdown calendar featuring a bevy of supplies for the holidays and beyond.

Brain Teaser Puzzles Advent Calendar

We know waiting for Christmas can be a test of patience for your kiddo. This Advent calendar will allow them to transfer their attention to a task that will improve their problem solving skills. The puzzles are suitable for people of all ages, according to the brand, so you can put your brain to the test as well.

Disney Doorables Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar

This a-doorable advent calendar comes stocked with 24 of their favorite Disney characters, in the form of miniature action figures. Will they unveil Elsa? Mickey? Jack Jack? Anticipation awaits with this advent calendar, as there are 50 characters that could be within the mix, making no two calendars alike.

Fisher-Price Little People Advent Calendar

Each day they can unbox a different decor piece or a Little People character to add to the holiday scene displayed within the calendar. With seven action figures and 17 decorations to complete the scene with, this 24-day calendar combines learning with play, as children embark in "imaginative storytelling," according to the brand.

Melissa & Doug Countdown to Christmas Wooden Advent Calendar

While there's no candy or flaps to unveil a hidden surprise with this countdown, this tree-shaped option from Melissa & Doug is perfect for the newest Advent calendar user in your family. With 24 magnetic ornaments, they can choose a festive design to hang on the tree and then on Christmas, place the star at the top. "This has been a huge hit with my two year old," said one reviewer, adding that "He loves getting to choose an ornament to add each day. The tree is durable, so I expect to use it for many years."

L.O.L. Surprise Advent Calendar

This L.O.L. Surprise Advent calendar is the perfect option for the little fashionista. Each day holds a new wardrobe item whether it be an accessory, piece of clothes or pair of shoes. The Advent calendar also includes an L.O.L. Surprise doll that your child can dress (and accessorize!) to their heart's desire.

Fisher-Price Little People Barbie Advent Calendar

It's officially the year of Barbie! The beloved toy brand Little People got in on the Barbiecore fun with this themed holiday playset for toddlers, featuring 24 pieces and a cool ski chalet backdrop.

Barbie Cutie Reveal Advent Calendar

If you're looking for a more classic Barbie countdown, this wintry pick is a great bet. Each door on this Advent calendar reveals different accessories and outfits that your child can dress their new Barbie up, including one costume that's way too cute to boot.

Funko Pop! DC Advent Calendar

Unveil 24 miniature Funko Pop! figurines dressed in Christmas attire each day leading up to the holiday. With common DC superheroes and villains such as Wonder Woman and The Joker, your comic book or movie fanatic child will have a whole collection once the month is over.

Thomas & Friends Minis Advent Calendar

All aboard the fun express! Thomas the Tank Engine and his cohort of railway friends (24 in total) are ready to choo-choo towards the holidays, which'll be easy to do with the Advent calendar's accompanying playmat.

Peanuts Advent Calendar

Whether they read old comic strips with Grandma and Grandpa or have seen the newest movies with Mom and Dad, the youngest Peanuts fan in your life will be delighted over this 24-day countdown calendar featuring some of the gang's most recognizable characters. Pre-order ahead of its Nov. 1 release!

American Girl Doll Advent Calendar

From baking trays, cookie cutters, rolling pins and other baking necessities, their American Girl Doll will be set for the season with 24 new kitchen accessories. Gift them with matching aprons for them and their doll to wear during holiday baking sessions for added fun!

Playmobil Santa's Workshop Advent Calendar

Unveil a new Playmobil accessory each day leading up to the holiday to build Santa's workshop by the big day. "The figures and set pieces are extremely well made and will hold up well. The level of detail involved in the set and the pieces is impressive," said one reviewer, ensuring that your child will be occupied for hours on end with their new set.

Best Lego Advent calendars for kids

Lego City Advent Calendar

Perfect for children ages five and up who are just getting into the Lego craze, this 258-piece kit includes 24 Christmas-themed gifts that they can use to count down with until the big day arrives.

Lego Friends Advent Calendar

Another Christmas-themed Advent calendar, this edition features 231 pieces that can be used long after the holiday season is over. Recommended for kids ages six and up, they'll have a blast with this countdown calendar that's a gift that keeps on giving.

Lego "Avengers" Advent Calendar

With 24 days worth of figurines, accessories and builds to unveil, they'll have a blast counting down to the holidays. Parents, beware, as this calendar is perfect for younger superheroes looking to expand their imagination. Before long, you'll be joining in on all the Marvel madness yourself.

Lego "Harry Potter" Advent Calendar

Little muggles will enjoy playing with each of the 24 "Harry Potter" toys to play with all year long. With all of their favorite characters, from Harry Potter himself to others like Draco Malfoy, they'll also unveil mini builds inspired by the series such as Honeydukes and the Three Broomsticks Inn.

Lego "Star Wars" Advent Calendar

Not only can the little ones in your life build characters, vehicles and scenes with pieces behind each door, but they can also combine their new builds with other "Star Wars" sets! The calendar includes eight different figures and 15 mini build vehicles and accessories that they can enjoy over the course of December.

Best sweets and candy Advent calendars for kids

Williams-Sonoma "Elf" Advent Calendar

A quality option for any child who craves sweets on a regular basis, this Williams-Sonoma 12-day Advent calendar — made to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the modern holiday classic "Elf" — features festive treats behind every door. Prepare ahead of the time for the sugar rush to come — peppermint taffy, mini maple syrup and twisty caramels, for starters!

Harry and David Chocolate Advent Calendar Duo

Another classic choice for those looking for an Advent calendar that simultaneously gets the job done while also avoiding being an eye-sore in their kitchen, this 24-day chocolate one (well, two!) from Harry & David is all of that and affordable.

XO Marshmallow Holiday Advent Calendar

S'mores, Mallomars, Rocky Road — marshmallows can be found in so many of kids' favorite desserts. For the little gourmand who can't get enough of that sweet chew, this limited-edition Advent calendar with 24 unique flavors should be worth the wait. (If they receive multiple Advent calendars during the holidays, we have the perfect option that'll complement these 'mallows below!)

Yawn Brew Hot Chocolate Advent Calendar

Best for a child with curious taste buds, this Etsy Advent calendar will surprise your kiddo with inventive hot cocoa flavors including candy cane and cinnamon roll. As an added bonus, the powder is dairy-free, so you can enjoy the hot chocolate no matter your milk preference.

Best book Advent calendars for kids

Nickelodeon Storybook Collection Advent Calendar

Unbox a wide variety of stories from their favorite Nickelodeon shows such as "Spongebob Squarepants," "Paw Patrol," "Dora the Explorer" and more.

Sesame Street Advent Calendar Storybook Collection

Your child can count down with their favorite Sesame Street characters including Cookie Monster, Elmo, Abby Cadabby and many others. With 24 storybooks to unveil, they can read board books on "Christmas Opposites," practice their alphabet with "C is for Christmas" and learn shapes with a festive shapes book.

Disney 100: Storybook Advent Calendar

Make your kiddo's Disney dreams come true with this storybook Advent calendar made in celebration of Disney's 100th anniversary. From holiday-themed stories to everyday classics, it features an array of short stories wrapped in a paper sleeve for extra suspense.

Pokémon Festive Calendar

Gotta catch 'em all — and by that we mean all the surprises waiting behind each door in this Advent calendar. Your Pokémon master-in-training can count down to Christmas by flipping through mini books, crafting their own 3D Poké Balls, solving riddles and much more. Preorder ahead of its Oct. 17 release date!

Unique Advent calendars for kids

Around the World Advent Calendar

Introduce your children to different countries and cultures with this advent calendar, that includes information cards as well as "buddy ornaments" for them to decorate a tree with. Each information card includes prompts, a craft or an activity inspired by that country's holiday traditions.

Through the Window Puzzle Advent Calendar

The moments leading up to Christmas are the perfect time to cozy up with a puzzle. Fortunately for your favorite jigsaw solver, there's 24 to look forward to (and all of them connect to create one mega puzzle!) in this "customer favorite" pick from Uncommon Goods.

Pancake the Penguin's Christmas Adventure Advent Calendar

For 25 days, you and your child can unveil a cardboard character that they have to put together, along with a story that will continue over the course of the month. You can choose to include a customized message within or opt to leave it blank.

National Geographic Magic Advent Calendar

Abracadabra! If you have a budding Penn & Teller in your midst, they'll be blown away by the mesmerizing magic tricks and science experiments in National Geographic's newest Advent calendar.

The Thames & Cosmos Science Advent Calendar

For the child who is always taking things apart just to put them back together again or use the parts to craft something of their own, channel their creative energy in a more constructive way with this educational Advent calendar. With 24 experiments and instructions each day on how to complete them, they'll cover all the STEM and scientific bases, from kinetic energy to the color spectrum.

DIY Ornament Advent Calendar

For a more hands-on Advent calendar, you'll have more ornaments to hang on your tree once the holiday is all said and done. Each day they'll unbox step-by-step instructions on how to create an ornament with the felt pieces included.

Meri Meri Winter Ballerina Charm Bracelet Advent Calendar Suitcase

Gift your child an Advent calendar whose contents they can enjoy for years. This ballerina-themed Advent calendar from Meri Meri comes with a charm bracelet and loads of charms to decorate it with. Whether in the dance studio or at home, your little ballerina will love this special way to anticipate the holidays.

Crayon Advent Calendar for Kids

Fuel their inner artist with these holiday-themed crayons, that are fused and melted together from leftover crayons. From a snowman to a wreath, this 24-day calendar even comes with a coloring sheet for them to test them on.

KiwiCo Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar

KiwiCo is beloved for their age-specific bundles that help children to learn through play, whether it be crafting recipes in the kitchen or tinkering with STEM toys. Their advent calendar proves to be no different, as children have to create a winter wonderland. From a motorized sledding hill to a wooden house, each day brings with it a new part to piece together.