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8 gifts for long distance friends while social distancing

Let someone know you're thinking of them with this delicious treat.
The Popcorn Factory

Though social distancing has made it physically difficult to spend time with some of our loved ones, it hasn't stopped us from figuring out creative ways to let others know we're thinking of them. Whether it's by sending a special birthday gift to someone's doorstep, calling friends each week or coordinating a drive-by birthday parade for a family member, there are many ways we can let someone know that we are thinking of them during this uncertain time.

While we've been finding ways to stay in touch with others, nothing beats a good old-fashioned hug. Though the physical act will have to wait, you can brighten someone's day with one of everyone's favorite comfort foods, popcorn.

The folks at The Popcorn Factory designed an adorable tin of the brand's popular three-flavor tin as a way to send loved ones a "socially distant" hug in the form of a delicious treat. While the popcorn tin typically makes its return each year around the holiday season, a spokesperson tells Shop TODAY that this thoughtful gift was part of their efforts to create social distancing-inspired gifts.

You can even use the code WITHPOP at checkout to ship it for free to their door.

The Popcorn Factory Socially Distant Hug Tin

"With new terms such as 'social distancing' now part of our everyday vocabulary, we thought a ‘Socially Distant Hug’ sentiment would be the perfect way to help people let friends, family, co-workers and others know they are thinking of them when they cannot be with them in person," a spokesperson from The Popcorn Factory told Shop TODAY. "In this period of social distancing, The Popcorn Factory has introduced a variety of timely sentiments to its Cards With Pop and Tins With Pop exclusive line of giftable greetings."

The "socially distant hug" tin comes in two different sizes and features three popular flavors — caramel, cheese and classic butter. And since there are 28 cups of mouth-watering popcorn in the tin, your "socially distant" hug might just be the gift that keeps on giving!

Even after they enjoy all of the popcorn, they'll be able to keep the tin and the message adorned on the front. And if you're looking for more delicious treats to send someone's way, The Popcorn Factory and many other companies have plenty of sweet and savory options to choose from.

Social distancing gifts

The Popcorn Factor Socially Distant Hug Card

This "card" is a small way to send a big message. It's stuffed with caramel popcorn that they're sure to enjoy.

The Popcorn Factory Socially Distant Hug Smile Tin

This emoji-inspired tin is perfect for the little ones and has butter, cheese and caramel popcorn.

The Popcorn Factory Socially Distant Hug Smile Card

A smaller version of the "socially distant hug" tin, this card also comes with caramel popcorn and an adorable message.

The Popcorn Factory Socially Distant Hug Sign Tin

Send them a sign with this tin that boasts the same three delicious flavors. You can choose the smaller tin for the vibrant striped design, or the larger size for the iconic red tin.

The Popcorn Factory Socially Distant Hug Sign Card

They'll love opening their mailbox to a message as sweet as what's inside. Like the other cards available from The Popcorn Factory, this card contains caramel popcorn.

Just Candy Socially Distant Birthday Sweets

Know someone celebrating a birthday while social distancing? This box from Just Candy features boxes of jelly beans, chocolate caramels, cookie crunch candies, prosecco cordials and Sixlets for a sweet treat. You can customize the message on the lid of the box for a special, socially distant birthday message.

Cheryl's Cookies Cookie Card

The next best thing to a comforting hug is a warm cookie! This cookie card from Cheryl's Cookies comes with one frosted buttercream cookie, a message that is sure to make them smile.

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