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8 innovative beauty gadgets that will upgrade your morning routine

They're cutting-edge and surprisingly effective.

Nearly everyone has their go-to curling iron, everyday mascara and brush they can't live without — but no matter their level of dedication to a particular beauty routine, a new product on the market could change things up for good.

Byrdie Editor-In-Chief Leah Wyar visited TODAY to feature some unique products that have the potential to shake up your morning skincare, makeup and wellness regimen — and instead of telling our anchors the use behind these one-of-a-kind gadgets, she let them guess and showed us how to use them for ourselves.

See some of her favorite innovative products that might be the next disrupter in your own routine.

The Facialift

This nifty product might look a little odd, but with 48 massaging nodules it's definitely one you'll want to re-consider. The Facialift created by Sarah Chapman releases tension in the jaw and aids in lymphatic drainage. In addition, it sculpts the face and helps mimic a facial you would receive in the spa!

Legology Circu-Lite Squeeze Therapy

Cupping, a form of alternative medicine, uses suction on your skin to aid in increased blood flow and relaxation. Instead of heading to a specialist you can create the same type of suction at home with the circu-lite — used to enhance increase blood circulation, smooth out uneven areas on your legs and enhance skin's tone and texture.

Bright Complexion Facial Dermaplaner

Derma-planing facials have become increasingly popular thanks to Instagram and this little gadget will help you jump on the trend. Use the Dermaplaner for removing dead skin cells, reducing scarring and brightening complexion. Just make sure to wet your face first to optimize use of the tool!

Heated Eyelash Curler

Say so long to your regular old eyelash curler because this heated one will catch your eye. Just like the hair on your head, your eyelashes will curl with heat — eliminating the risk of pulling on your lashes with a typical curler.

Every Drop Beauty Spatula

Until you snag one of these, you won't realize just how much product you waste per bottle or tube. The Beauty Spatula will help you get the last few drops out of your container which is a huge money saver when you consider how much quality skincare products can cost.

Handsderma Skin Cool Ice Roller

Using this device is simple — put it in the freezer overnight, take it out in the morning, and run it across your face to refresh your skin and minimize under-eye bags. "Definitely one of my favorite purchases of the year and I'm confident I'll continue to feel this way. It's durable and gets me through my night shifts and gives me a little glow," said one user.

Philip B Hairbrush Cleaner

Cleaning out a hairbrush (even your own) is less than... appetizing. This brush rake easily combs through the bristles to help clear out hair, debris and product build-up.

Beauty Bar Facial Massager

A quick facial massage can improve circulation, boost effectiveness of skincare products and contour face muscles. The two designs in this bundle — a "T" shape and a roller shape — allow you to target different areas of your face in just a couple steps.

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