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7 best toys for kids 2019 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio winners

Tested by experts, approved by kids.

As we venture into the gift giving season, it's apparent that new and noteworthy products are hitting the market each day. Among these items are loads of toys that kids (and parents) are eager to have in their household for the holidays.

The sheer amount of toys makes it difficult to find the ones that should gain well-deserved attention — but the experts at the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, an independent consumer company, have secured the most popular and innovative products of the year.

Unlike some review organizations, the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio grants awards to products based entirely on selections from noted experts in child development, education and children's literature. Toys are also tested by a panel of kid-judges — so you can be sure your kiddo is getting the best product on the market!

Check out the toys, games and crafts that made the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award list for 2019.

When we release our 2019 gift guides, we make sure all prices are current. But prices change frequently, so there’s a chance the prices are now different than they were the day of publication.

7 award winning toys for kids

1. PlayMobil Mission Rocket with Launch Site

Blast into the holiday season with this multi-piece mission rocket launch set. With light up booster rockets and realistic launch sounds, this stellar set will keep your child engaged for hours on end.

2. Barbie Astrophysicist Doll

You can still find plenty of shopping and fashion Barbie dolls on the market, but ones like this Astrophysicist edition are breaking stereotypes left and right. Playtime at a young age can truly spark future social engagement — this Barbie will help young kids understand career opportunities right from the start.

3. Imaginext Fisher-Price Transforming Batmobile

Batman is here to fight crime in his transforming, remote-controlled Batmobile. It functions as a high-speed car but with the click of a button, can quickly transition into a battle mode vehicle. As one of the top novelty toys of the season, it comes with tons of bells and whistles that will make your kid say "wow!".

4. Crayola Spin & Spiral Art Station

Channel the artist inside with this Spin and Spiral Art Station from Crayola. This engaging item combines spiral and spin art so that your children can really let their creativity shine through.

5. Creativity for Kids Quick Knit Loom

Step away from the screen with this knit loom kit. It comes with a 4-inch loom, 90 yards of chunky rainbow yarn and two pom poms to attach to the final product. The simple-to-follow instructions means that creating a warm-weather accessory is now easier than ever.

6. Fat Brain Toys Pencil Nose Game

Cue the family laughter with this toy pencil nose game made for ages eight and up. Start by splitting the players into teams and take turns choosing a card. After choosing, the current player will draw as many of the listed items as they can while their team guesses the picture. Think "pictionary" with a creative spin!

7. Hasbro Slow-Motion Race Game

Staying active when it's snowing outside can be difficult, but this fun slow motion game might be the solution to needing a little extra movement. Here, players race in slow motion to win a trophy at the end of the race. By wearing light-up headbands, you'll know who is going too fast and who is following the slow-motion rules. The moment the players hear a buzz, they must freeze!

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