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'Love Is Blind' reunion: Zack says ex fiancée Irina went on the show 'to get famous'

The lawyer said his ex "did a lot of things that hurt people" during her time on the show, himself included.
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Zack Goytowski says he thinks Irina Solomonova had ulterior motives when she signed up for Season Four of “Love Is Blind."

During the reality show's reunion, Zack suggested that his former fiancée never intended to find her soulmate when she signed up for the dating series.

“If we’re real, you went on this show to get famous,” the lawyer told Irina.

In response, the small business owner opened her mouth and rolled her eyes slightly.

Zach and Irina in season 4 of "Love Is Blind."
Zach and Irina in Season 4 of "Love Is Blind."Netflix

During the live reunion, Zack also called out Irina's behavior from the show.

"You did a lot of things that hurt a lot of people, including me. And I mean, you only see 10 percent of it on the camera. There was so much stuff that happened that was unbelievable," he said.  

Love Is Blind
Irina Solomonov at the "Love is Blind" reunion. Adam Rose / Netflix

In case you missed it, the former couple’s engagement was short-lived. Once they met face-to-face, the chemistry that the couple once had in the dating pods seemed to drastically shift. Irina, 26, also made it clear that she wasn’t exactly attracted to her new fiancé. They called off their romance while vacationing in Mexico.

Despite their rocky engagement, Zack said he doesn't feel any animosity towards his ex these days.

"I forgive you. I genuinely 100 percent forgive you, Irina," he said.

"I do too," Zack's wife, Bliss Poureetzadi, said. "And we talked about that already."

"I really don't hold anything against you (Irina)," Zack added.

"There are so many people who want to attack the cast on the show. It has been punishment enough for the entire world to see them at their worst. We all did something stupid," he continued.

After calling things off with Irina, Zack pursued a relationship with Bliss. The couple got engaged then married.

Bliss recently told why she decided to give Zack a second chance, even though he initially chose to propose to Irina.

“I didn’t come into it with any sort of expectation,” she said of their first meeting post-pods. “I was willing to meet up with him because I felt like I could really trust this person.”

Bliss described how she still loved Zack and felt like "this was my person." And once they met in real life, sparks flew even more.

“There was a very intense chemistry when we saw each other,” she said.

The couple tied the knot in the season finale and shared their first dance to a song they both always envisioned dancing to at their wedding: Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance.”

Zack is hopeful for Irina's future.

“I believe you will become an amazing person one day. I forgive you for what happened and I hope the world does too.”