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Travis and Jason Kelce react to Taylor Swift’s viral chugging moment at Super Bowl: ‘She’s a pro’

The brothers recapped a funny moment from game in a new episode of their podcast.

Travis and Jason Kelce were pretty impressed with Taylor Swift's viral chugging moment at the Super Bowl.

The Kelce brothers recapped the moment during the latest episode of their podcast, "New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce," and the eldest Kelce brother even shared some behind the scenes details that he witnessed firsthand.

Jason Kelce brought up the moment while recapping the game that his brother's team won in an overtime thriller.

“And then, of course, Taylor going viral for her chugging moment. Let’s watch this clip,” the Philadelphia Eagles All-Pro said.

In case you missed it, Swift was shown on the Jumbotron during the game as she chugged an unidentifiable drink then slammed down her cup. The moment took place during the second quarter of the game's first half and was posted to the NFL's X account.

Jason Kelce, who hung out with Swift and her friends in a private Super Bowl suite, then recalled the moment.

“I’m not going to lie, I didn’t know what was going on at first. I was sitting behind them and I saw them go for the drinks. And then I was (like) ‘Oh, oh, this is happening. Chug, chug. She's getting after it. Pretty cool,'" he said.

Travis Kelce also reacted to the clip as he watched it.

"This is on the Jumbotron, nice. Oh and the slam down! She's done this before. She's a pro," he said.

"Not her first rodeo," Jason Kelce added.

While recapping the big night, Jason Kelce also said he got to meet rapper Ice Spice, a friend of Swift's, in the suite.

“So f------ cool, man. She’s awesome for showing up and showing support like that,” Travis Kelce said.

The Chiefs player then explained that he met Ice Spice when he and Swift both made appearances on “Saturday Night Live” last year.

"They saw each other at the Grammys and I said (Ice Spice) was gonna be out (in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl) and we had to get her in the suite," he said.