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Pink’s husband, Carey Hart, shares what he really thinks about songs about him

The musician recently revealed that she penned one song inspired by her husband after a “hard day.”
/ Source: TODAY

Carey Hart is opening up about how he feels when Pink writes a song inspired by him and their marriage.

The 47-year-old former motocross competitor spoke about his wife’s songwriting when he appeared on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” on May 4. 

During the interview, host Kelly Clarkson said she was looking forward to Hart being a guest on her show because she wanted the athlete to react to Pink’s recent comments about him. In February, Pink also stopped by “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and revealed how her husband responds when she pens multiple songs about their relationship. 

So, Clarkson decided to play the clip from her interview with the “What About Us” singer.

“Well, you have to take (into account) Carey’s amount of feelings he can handle and how much he is actually thinking about the words that I’m saying or listening at all,” Pink told Clarkson at the time. 

She added, “So, I think he’s fine.” 

Hart laughed as he watched his wife recall playing a special song off her recent album, “Trustfall,” for him for the first time. 

“There’s one on the new album that was a hard day and I played it for him because that’s fair. He should know what’s being said about him in the world,” the 43-year-old singer joked. 

He seemed to be slightly unfazed by the personal track. 

Pink continued, “And he just started giggling and he’s like, ‘Well, you’re welcome.’”

When the video ended, Clarkson asked if Pink’s retelling of their interaction was accurate.

Hart replied, “Yeah, it’s very accurate. You know, we’ve been together 21 years. I have very thick skin.”

Clarkson chimed in to celebrate the couple on being married for over two decades as the audience applauded. 

The former motorcycle racer then said, “Very little affects me. I don’t know exactly what day she’s talking about, specifically. But it’s probably just the temperature.” 

Pink and Hart tied the knot in 2006. They share 11-year-old daughter Willow and 6-year-old son Jameson together. 

Since they said “I do,” the musician has written and released plenty of emotional ballads about love and relationships like “Just Give Me a Reason,” “So What,” “True Love” and “Please Don’t Leave Me.” 

The longtime couple is not afraid to share glimpses into their life together, including the funny disagreements they have from time to time.

In November, Pink uploaded a video to Instagram where she appeared to call out her husband for his dishwashing technique

“Good morning. You guys know that we’re on to you, right?” she said in the clip before turning the camera to show a baking dish filled with suds that had been left in the sink. 

The “Raise Your Glass” singer seemed to be speaking from experience when she added, “You know that we know that when you say, ‘Babe, this needs to soak,’ that what that actually means is you’re going to put water in it and walk away and act like it never happened. And for the next month, if it stays in the sink, your eyes won’t see it.”

To further stress her point, she wrote, “Clean the f-----g dish please and thank you,” in the caption. 

Hart decided to comment on the post, exposing himself as the dish soaking culprit. 

“Strange, when I cook there is no soaking needed,” he said. He decided to playfully criticize his wife in return. 

“And I don’t drink out of wine glasses, but strangely enough, there is one in the sink every morning,” he wrote.