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Watch Pink and Kelly Clarkson team up for a powerful performance of ‘What About Us’

The two pop titans showed just how powerful they are when they teamed up on one of Pink's biggest hits.
/ Source: TODAY

How about Kelly Clarkson and Pink?

The two pop icons teamed up to perform Pink’s hit “What About Us” when she appeared as a guest for an upcoming episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

Prior to the performance, the Grammy winners talked about the 2017 song, which came from Pink’s album “Beautiful Trauma.”

“We’re not listening to each other right now, and it’s so loud and so gross and angry,” Pink said about her thought process while writing the track. “And people are being forgotten, people are being counted out and their rights are being trampled on just because a group of people doesn’t believe in them.”

“One of the most beautiful things that my dad taught me was that my voice matters and I can make a difference, and I will,” she added before Clarkson introduced their taped performance, which featured them collaborating on a stripped-down, 75-second acoustic version of the hit, with a lone guitarist on stage with them.

“We are searchlights, we can see in the dark/ We are rockets, pointed up at the stars,” Pink began.

“We are billions of beautiful hearts/ And you sold us down the river too far,” they both then sang before launching into the well-known chorus together, showing off the immense range of their voices.

Fans couldn’t help but give their approval for the duet.

Pink and Kelly Clarkson earned a standing ovation from the audience for their acoustic version of "What About Us."
Pink and Kelly Clarkson earned a standing ovation from the audience for their acoustic version of "What About Us."The Kelly Clarkson Show via YouTube

“Pink & Kelly should do an entire record together!” one person gushed on YouTube. “As always, Kelly’s the perfect duet partner, beautifully blending & gracious to whoever she’s singing with.”

“I need more of this,” someone else raved. “They are both such incredible vocalists. Loved the way, Kelly let Pink shine. There was no trying to out sing each other.”

“I’ve been waiting for SO LONG for a duet where they sing together one of their songs. It finally happened!!!!” another person commented.

Interestingly, Clarkson, who has previously said she'd love to "hang" with Pink, has hit the stage with her before. In 2017, they performed R.E.M.’s classic ballad “Everybody Hurts” at the American Music Awards.

Clarkson also covered “What About Us” on the “Kellyoke” segment of her show in 2019 and showed more love to Pink in 2022 when she covered “Lady Marmalade,” a 1974 song that was remade in 2001 by Pink, Christina Aguilera, Mya and Lil’ Kim.

Pink's appearance on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" will air Feb. 6.