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Jimmy Fallon takes viewers on a virtual ride down the slide in his house

"Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon has been showing off his indoor slide for weeks, and now we finally got to take it for a virtual spin.
/ Source: TODAY

Who wouldn't love to have a slide in their home? And now, after weeks of showing off his very cool indoor slide, Jimmy Fallon finally gave us a peek inside it.

The “Tonight Show” host has made the best out of the coronavirus pandemic forcing his show into hiatus by hosting an at-home edition of the program.

Almost every at-home episode has featured the indoor slide in some way, and Thursday night, we finally got to take to try it out! Well, virtually that is.

After some shenanigans with his two young daughters at the beginning of the episode, Fallon hopped into the chute in his living room, followed closely by his wife and current camera operator, Nancy Juvonen.

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He - very chivalrously, we might add — helped his wife get up at the base of the slide and greeted his dog, Gary. Fun fact, the dog is actually a female.

Fallon's dog, Gary, seemed confused by the slide situation.
Fallon's dog, Gary, seemed confused by the slide situation.The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / Youtube

If there is one thing we love in comedy, it's a good bit — and Fallon's slide is no exception! He often starts the show featuring the slide — with either his daughters or himself popping out — and the final shot of his at-home episodes have all featured him sliding away and the "exit" sign above it.

It's a running joke that — along with the rest of the show — has been a bright spot in these dark times.

Fallon, mid-slide.
Fallon, mid-slide.The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / YouTube

Fallon previously told TODAY via video chat he had been inspired to continue his show by former late-night host David Letterman's words after 9/11.

"I remember Letterman saying that it’s a time right now to be courageous, and he said sometimes pretending to be courageous is just as good," he said. "And my wife reminded me of that quote. And so I said, 'Yeah, we should do something. I have to do something.'"