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Hilary Duff’s husband DM’d 'Love is Blind' cast while ‘a little high’ after vasectomy. See their responses

Matthew Koma turned to "Love Is Blind" while recovering from a vasectomy.

Warning: Spoilers from the season finale of “Love Is Blind” Season Six are ahead.

Matthew Koma appears to be just as baffled by the latest season of "Love Is Blind" as the rest of us. But his recent post-vasectomy recovery process means he's also become perhaps a little more forward.

On Instagram, the singer and producer —  who is married to Hilary Duff —  shared that his recent vasectomy recovery included binging episodes of the Netflix series, which is currently in its sixth season, and then messaging numerous members of the cast (and perhaps a few politicians as well) while medicated.

“So I’ve never taken a drug in my life or drank after that Valium, I get it,” Koma explained at the top of a string of Instagram posts which included a screenshot from the show with the caption “Now love is blind all day.”

After admitting to being “a little high on Valium,” Koma appeared to go off the rails and directly into the inboxes of cast members from the show — and the president of the United States.

Koma kicked off his messages of mayhem with a DM to Jeramey Lutinski

@matthewkoma via Instagram

“Noooooooooooo dude you spelled your name wrong and did your girl wrongggggg,” Koma wrote in his direct message to cast member Jeramey Lutinski.

Koma then shared how his conversation with Lutinski proceeded once the reality star replied, "Well. I didn't spell my name."

"Fair," Koma replied. "But the girl !!!!!!"

Koma followed up his message to Lutinski, who was engaged to Lauren Dadisman on the show, requesting that he not spoil the ending lest he never forgive him.

@matthewkoma via Instagram

Koma's story also included a note about the extremely clean nature of Lutinski's apartment after getting a glimpse of it on the show: "This guy's house says serial killer."

"Bro," Lutinski replied with a laugh emoji.

"Wait is that your house?" Koma replied. "It's very clean. Like someone who could clean up blood well."

Koma then hopped over to Laura Dadisman's DMs

@matthewkoma via Instagram

"Laura boo," Koma wrote to Dadisman with a reference to her scene in the reality show where she revealed she tracked Lutinski's location. "You were so smart with that damn Apple Watch."

"Matthew Koma!" she replied. "My duuuude lol J-Nasty & Skank Ann thought they were slick.

"It was not f---ing cool," he responded.

@matthewkoma via Instagram

"Ohhhh you're in for a bumpy ride," Dadisman said, continuing their conversation.

"I FaceTimed Johnny last night about getting a vasectomy and felt like I made some headway there," he wrote back.

Fans of the series will remember that contestant Johnny McIntyre and his wife, Amy Cortés, faced challenges when it came to discussing their birth control options. At some point, the two discussed McIntyre getting a vasectomy.

"Hahaha bless them," she said. "I love them both so much and I hope they get sponsored by Trojan."

"He's using condoms now," Koma replied.

Koma went on to share the extent of his conversation with Johnny McIntyre

@matthewkoma via Instagram

"I dunno how it ends yet man but get a vasectomy," Koma messaged McIntyre. "They’re sooo fun and easy !!!!"

"THAT’S WHAT I KEEP HEARING!!" McIntyre replied.

"I can hook you up with my doc," Koma responded. "I’m feeling great, and he told me it wasn’t small."

After McIntyre replied with laugh emojis, Koma suggested the two talk about the procedure. Soon after, Koma shared a screenshot of his FaceTime with McIntyre with a caption that read, "I’m gonna drive him to get it, guys."

He then made a brief appearance in President Joe Biden's DMs

@matthewkoma via Instagram

"Are you watching this sh-- !!!" Koma wrote to the president but did not provide an update in his stories as to whether he heard back. (We suspect not.)

He also messaged Jimmy Presnell with some thoughts

@matthewkoma via Instagram

“Jimmy man you can’t friend request the other chick what are you doing,” he wrote, seemingly in reference to a scene where it was revealed that Presnell had previously been with one of his best friends.

He also dropped in on Chelsea Blackwell

@matthewkoma via Instagram

"Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea," he commented.

Soon after, Blackwell replied. "Awww man fan grilling but embarrassed."

Koma responded, "Hopping into therapy, but we’ve got a lot of bases to cover."

Koma's messages to the "Love is Blind" cast might not totally be over. According to the Cleveland Clinic, full recovery from the procedure can take an average of eight to nine days, which means the singer might be leaning on reality TV to keep him entertained.

The Season Six reunion episode airs on Netflix on Wednesday, March 13, at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT. Let's hope Koma will be watching.