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Hilary Duff plays ‘hot nurse’ as husband shares every step of his ‘vasectomy day’

From showing off his pre-surgery outfit to binge-watching a reality show, Matthew Koma took followers on a wild ride.

Actress Hilary Duff and her husband Matthew Koma announced the impending arrival of their fourth child in December — and now we know it will be their last.

In a series of Instagram stories on Monday, Koma seemed to have a ball taking followers along on his vasectomy journey.

"It's vasectomy day!" he captioned the first image of him in the car.

Koma did not seem at all nervous.
Koma did not seem at all nervous.@matthewkoma via Instagram

Next, he had his "vasectomy fit check." He's wearing a button-down short sleeved Budweiser shirt and matching hat along with slides, crew socks and drawstring shorts pulled up as high as they will go.

Peak dad wear.
Peak dad wear.@matthewkoma via Instagram

In a video, Koma shows a signed, framed photo of Mohammed Ali pretending to punch all four members of the Beatles. "It's where the Beatles got their vasectomies," Koma said dryly. "Mohammed Ali got his," he added, focusing on Ali's boxing shorts.

Next, he turns to a photo of the Three Stooges in the doctor's office that also contained a cashed check, saying, "Three Stooges got their vasectomy right ... here." He pans to the patient chair and added, "They died after."

In perhaps the oddest moment of the day, Koma filmed Dr. Turek seemingly checking his ... ahem ... nether region.

Physical exam time!
Physical exam time!@matthewkoma via Instagram

"Have you ever worked on anything this small before?" Koma asked as a female, presumably Duff, cackled in the background.

"No, it's actually not small," Turek responded. "Let me give you — teach you — a lesson."

Koma took a mirror selfie in a hospital gown, hairnet, socks and disposable booties. "Just took a Valium and feeling hyped," he wrote.

In a follow-up photo, Koma is lying down, still in his hospital gear, with a cartoon sprig of mistletoe over his head. "It's honestly not bad at all. Like better than going to the set dentist for sure," he wrote.

Koma appeared to be having "snow" much fun with the process.
Koma appeared to be having "snow" much fun with the process.@matthewkoma via Instagram

In the same mirror he used before, Koma snapped a photo in his post-surgery underwear with what looks like an ice pack in his crotch: "10/10 would recommend."

This ... looks like a photo taken by someone on Valium.
This ... looks like a photo taken by someone on Valium.@matthewkoma via Instagram

He took a photo of his "hot nurse" wife driving him home and then settled in to binge-watch the current season of "Love is Blind." He had many, many thoughts. He especially appreciated the "drunk fighting" on the show.

In addition to giving his hot takes on reality show couples, Koma shared that he got lots of rest.

"I slept better than I slept in years."