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Alex Portée

Senior Trending Reporter

Alex Portée is a senior trending reporter at TODAY Digital and is based in Los Angeles.

Alex Portée is a senior trending reporter at TODAY Digital and is based in Los Angeles.

Latest from Alex Portée

4d ago

What is car surfing? Police warn of the trend after a 16-year-old dies in Colorado

Douglas County police in Colorado say they've received six calls related to teens taking part in a trend called “car surfing” in recent weeks.

Tallulah Willis opens up about struggles that led to borderline personality disorder diagnosis

Tallulah Willis, in an essay published by Vogue, wrote about her diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.
4d ago

Lizzo responds to tweets about her body: ‘It’s really starting to make me hate the world’

Swarmed by another toxic wave of body-shaming comments, Lizzo says that she’s “tired of explaining myself all the time.”

Exclusive: Meet the creators on TikTok’s first-ever LGBTQ+ Visionary Voices list

TikTok created a list of 15 accounts on its first-ever LGBTQ+ Visionary Voices list published in 2023.
5d ago

Rachel Hollis opens up about overseeing Dave Hollis’ will: ‘Unbelievably intense’

Rachel Hollis says that being the executor of her late ex-husband’s will has made the last four months of her life “the most unbelievably intense.”
5d ago

Here are 10 words that will be featured in the African American English Dictionary

The “Oxford Dictionary of African American English” has its first 10 words. See what they are.
6d ago

Kourtney Kardashian opens up about missing her kids while on the road with Travis Barker

Kourtney Kardashian Barker says she's missing her "babies" while on tour with her husband Travis Barker and Blink-182.

Pregnant Serena Williams pokes fun at her growing baby bump

Serena Williams showed off her growing baby bump in a new Instagram post and joked that she is "trying to figure out if the baby is in the front or….back."
6d ago

Sam Kaplan, 72, graduates from a Georgia college with his 99-year-old mom cheering him on

72-year-old Sam Kaplan graduated from Georgia Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville, Georgia, on May 11 with a degree in Cinema and Media Arts.

Reese Witherspoon takes the ultimate girls' trip with mom and nieces to Paris: 'Bonjour'

Reese Witherspoon shares photos of her trip to Paris with nieces Draper Witherspoon, Abby James Witherspoon and her mother, Betty Reese.

Here’s how you can help name these endangered sloth bear cubs

The Philadelphia Zoo welcomed two sloth bear cubs to its exhibit and is asking users to vote on names.