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Carson Daly hilariously roasts Blake Shelton during his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony

The TODAY host took the ceremony from toasting to roasting.
/ Source: TODAY

Carson Daly brought the heat, but also a lot of love, to friend Blake Shelton's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony this week.

As the country singer received boundless praise for his new star on Hollywood's coveted Walk of Fame on May 12, Daly rose the podium to mix things up a bit, joking that "there's been so much toasting, so a little roasting."

"I'm here to present my good friend, Blake Shelton, with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which is strange because Blake does not live here or even like it here," he quipped. "After today, I assure you, Blake will never see this star again. In fact, when he leaves, you can probably dig it up and re-gift it to Blake Lively."

Continuing his cheeky speech, the TODAY host said Shelton wasn't "a Hollywood guy," noting that the singer would get "so homesick" while shooting "The Voice," the music competition series where he served as a judge for eight seasons.

In an effort to make him feel more at home, Daly joked that he took Shelton to a Bass Pro Shop "just to get him to stop crying."

"I met Blake in 2010 when NBC hired him to be a coach on 'The Voice.' We did a very extensive search and after every other country singer said, 'No,' NBC said, 'Let's give whoever this is a shot,'" Daly said, before adding that Shelton had sported a cowboy hat and smelled "like a horse."

"Somehow, Blake would go on to become the biggest and weirdly only breakout star from 'The Voice,'" Daly said, to which Shelton gave a big laugh and whispered, "That was good. That didn't get the laugh it deserved."

Daly also poked fun at Shelton's relationship with his former "The Voice" co-star and now wife, Gwen Stafani.

"Blake dating Gwen was hard for many of us to believe. She fronted a ska band in Orange County and Blake wrote a song called, 'Hillbilly Bone.' Gwen was unable to resist this hillbilly's bone and the rest is history," Daly said, receiving roaring laughter from the crowd.

Daly recalled having the "honor" of privately marrying Shelton and Stefani on their ranch in Oklahoma. He said the ceremony "gave a new meaning to shotgun wedding," as the "Rich Girl" singer sported Vera Wang while Shelton donned "jeans and a rifle."

"Some fun facts about Blake: he has 21 No. 1 hits, 17 of them are about a dead dog," Daly joked. "Blake is the son of a used car dealer and owner of a beauty salon, which explains why he loves cars and wearing makeup."

The TODAY host also referenced Shelton becoming People's Sexiest Man Alive in 2017. Daly said that the "very next year," in 2018, the singer was also named Ebony Magazine's Whitest Man Alive.

"Not only is Blake a TV star, he's a movie star. He played the voice of Earl in the movie 'Angry Birds,' which he was nominated for nine Academy Awards," he continued.

"Blake, you are nearly illiterate, but we love you. I love you. America loved you. And whether you like it or not, Hollywood loves you," Daly told his friend.

Prior to Daly's roast, Stefani took the stage to offer a moving speech about her husband, calling Shelton a “one-of-a-kind” guy and a “rare human being.”

“There is no one more authentic than this guy. He lives and he breathes country music. He is a country music jukebox and it is his DNA,” she said. “He was born to do this and hasn’t done anything because he wanted to be a star. He has just always been a star.”