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Why Dylan Dreyer and her husband don't normally exchange Christmas gifts

This year, however, they're doing stockings!
/ Source: TODAY

In the Dylan Dreyer-Brian Fichera household, holiday gift-giving is a glorious treat ... for little Calvin.

As the TODAY anchor revealed on Friday, she's actively trying to gather up gifts for her son, Calvin, who turns 2 on December 17. But she and her husband prefer to give each other the world.

"We don't normally do gifts," she explained about what the holidays are like for the adults in the household. "We would rather spend our money going on vacation, or doing something together."

We can understand that, and clearly the two make the most of their gifts to one another, based on the wide variety of photos from far-flung locales they share on Instagram.

That said, this year will be a small exception for the couple, who've been married since 2012.

"This year, I decided to do stockings," said Dylan. "(Brian) actually said to me, 'Let's do stockings this year,' so we're doing stockings."

Nothing big, just "small ticket items," she added.

But we understand that, too: it's so nice to have something to open on Christmas morning!