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Jenna shares the hilarious conversation she had with her kids about puberty

Jenna explained her response when her oldest child, Mila, asked her about puberty — and the amusing comment she got from her younger daughter, Poppy.
/ Source: TODAY

Jenna Bush Hager isn't shying away from talking about puberty with her kids.

The TODAY With Hoda & Jenna co-host spoke about how she responded when her oldest child, Mila, 10, brought up the topic a couple of years earlier.

"Well, she read 'Are You There God? It's Me Margaret.' Thank you to Judy Blume," Jenna told her co-host Hoda Kotb. "She came in and was like, 'What's puberty?'"

Jenna said that Mila was probably around 8 at the time and interested, so Jenna explained it's what happens when people's bodies start to change.

The mom of three then shared another story about what her younger daughter, Poppy, 8, recently told her husband, Henry Hager, in the car when he was driving the kids to school.

"Out of nowhere, Poppy goes, 'I hope I get mom's boobs!' And Mila was like, 'I don't. I would rather not.' But Poppy was like, "'When I go through puberty, I hope I get mom's boobs,'" Jenna said.

The story made Hoda burst out laughing with her head in her hands, barely able to get words out.

"Well that's what happens when you go through puberty, you develop breasts," Jenna said, motioning to her chest.

"Thank you for the tutorial," Hoda replied, before explaining the reason she brought it up was because she saw an interview with actor Gwyneth Paltrow where she said her two children learned about "all that stuff" in school.

Paltrow shared on the "Call Her Daddy" podcast in May that her children came home from school one day and asked her for clarification.

"I will never forget Apple and her best friend, Emily, sitting at our kitchen banquette in shock, like color drained from their face," Paltrow said, adding she was unprepared for the information they came home with. "They taught them everything. Everything. Anything you’re thinking — they taught the 11, 12-year-olds. Told them everything, I swear."

Hoda and Jenna agreed they both learned about puberty in school, and that their parents never sat down to have a birds and the bees discussion with them.

"'Learn it in health ed, OK, you got it?'" Hoda said, mimicking her parents.

Jenna also explained how her husband has gotten used to talking about awkward subjects with her.

"When Henry and I first got together, and he had to buy me tampons for the first time, he thought I had asked him to buy me illegal drugs," Jenna joked. "And now, after 15 years, he's like, 'What do you need? A tampon? Oh yeah, I got it.'"

Jenna then raised her voice, pretending to be her husband in a store, and shouted: "Ma'am? Tampons?"

The impression left Hoda nearly speechless from laughing so hard, once again.