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Craig Melvin shares back-to-school pics: Meet his two children, Delano and Sybil

"Kids become mile markers," the TODAY co-host says. "I remember when they were at mile 1, and now I'm going to have a fourth grader and first grader. "

TODAY's Craig Melvin is a proud dad to two kids, Delano, 9, and Sybil, 6, whom he shares with his wife, sports broadcaster Lindsay Czarniak.

On Aug. 29, Craig shared his kids' back-to-school photos featuring Sybil, who is headed to first grade, and Delano, who is beginning fourth grade — with some mysterious footwear.

The photo, shared on Instagram, included a cryptic caption from Craig: "Yes that's a boot on Delano. Long story."

In an interview with, Craig revealed how his son was injured. Well, he shared how he thinks the injury happened.

"He hurt himself on Sunday and was limping so Lindsay took him to the doctor yesterday. And lo and behold, he has to wear a boot for three weeks. Nothing like starting the first day with a boot on your ankle," Craig says.

The "nasty sprain," Craig says, happened while Delano was playing. "We are really trying to figure out exactly what happened. He was running and jumping."

Despite his new footwear, Craig says Delano had some butterflies but was ready for his new class. Daughter Sybil was excited to meet her new teacher and have friends in her classroom.

"She very much enjoys the social aspect of school," Craig says of his youngest.

Sybil was asked to take to school a memento that demonstrated her favorite memory of summer. "She took a seashell, because we spent some time in Hilton Head this summer as we do every year," Craig says.

As for Delano's favorite summer memory? It's one that surprised his dad.

"About a month or two ago, he became quite fascinated by (the events of) 9/11. So we took him to the 9/11 Memorial and the museum and One World Trade Center and that was the highlight of his summer," Craig tells "Keep in mind, he went to the beach and camp and had a full summer, but that was his highlight."

Delano's interest in 9/11 had come from reading a book about it, Craig said. "As a family of journalists, we try to satisfy that appetite of curiosity."

In the days leading up to Father's Day in 2023, Craig spoke to about the biggest thing fatherhood has taught him.

"I am naturally an impatient person," Craig tells "I think I was born that way, in part, but it's also the nature of what we do ... That's what a lot of television is. Got to hit the commercial break at the same time, every day."

"In the past, I struggled with the uncertain and things not going as scripted," he says. "When you're a parent, 90 percent of it is unscripted. It's taught me patience, for sure."

Because Czarniak's job as a sports broadcaster often involves weekend travel, Craig says the "division of labor" in their household requires him to be in charge of the kids on the weekend.

His strategy: "You've got to be scheduled." From playdates to movies to hiking, he likes to keep his kids busy. Additionally, there's transporting them to all of their activities, including soccer, gymnastics, dance and birthday parties.

"I pretty much run a shuttle service on the weekends. We are always going somewhere," Craig tells, admitting he loves the role. “I have found that to be pretty doggone enjoyable, because you can find out a lot about your kid by listening to their conversations with their peers in the backseat of your car. I enjoy the eavesdropping.” 

Read on to learn more about Craig's kids, Delano and Sybil.

Delano, 9

On March 10, 2014, Delano Joseph Melvin was born. His birthday means he falls under the Pisces zodiac sign. On the day of his birth, Craig shared a selfie and tweeted: "My son already looks at me like, 'really dad. Really?'" He also noted that his son's nickname would be "Del." Craig's middle name is also Delano.

In June of 2022, Craig shared photos of 8-year-old Del receiving his first Holy Communion, along with pictures of his parents and in-laws, who were on hand to celebrate.

Craig tells that Del loves playing football and basketball and is a voracious reader who is also "a little dinosaur expert." In November of 2022, Craig shared a photo of him and Del at a Kansas City Chiefs football game.

Sybil, 6

On November 5, 2016, Sybil "Sibby" Ann Melvin was born, weighing 6 lbs, 6 oz., 20 inches long. Her birthday means she falls under the Scorpio zodiac sign. In an interview with People, Czarniak and Craig shared that "Sibby" was initially short for sibling, and was a nickname Del would call the new family member while Czarniak was pregnant.

Craig describes his youngest child as "the life of the party." He adds that she loves gymnastics and dance, and also has started playing lacrosse, a sport her mom played in high school.

When Sibby started kindergarten last year, Craig shared a sweet photo of his daughter’s first day.

“You would be hard pressed to find anyone more excited about going to kindergarten than Sibby Melvin yesterday,” Craig said on TODAY about his 5-year-old daughter. “She was ready.”

Craig also shared an emotional moment he had with Sibby recently, at her dance recital.

“I was never one who is prone to a great deal of emotion until fatherhood,” Craig told Parents. “My daughter recently had a dance recital that was two and a half hours for a three-minute performance. My daughter was third to last, and by the time her group got up to perform, I was just as excited about it as she was. The confidence she displayed was outstanding, and I found myself getting teary.”