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Lindsay Czarniak reveals why she has husband Craig stored under fake name in her phone

"This is highly awkward," Lindsay said.

If you see Lindsay Czarniak light up when she gets a call on her cellphone from a Jake Milstein, don't worry, she's not stepping out on husband Craig Melvin.

That's actually Craig himself calling.

Lindsay shared the unique name she has Craig listed under on her phone as well as some other facts about her husband as she joined him and Sheinelle Jones in co-hosting the 3rd hour of TODAY on Thursday.

The husband and wife of 10 years played a game of "Which Melvin Is It?" with Sheinelle in which she had to guess which one of them was the answer to a question.

One question was, "Which Melvin has the other stored under a fake name in their cellphone?" The couple explained how Craig has remained under the name "Jake Milstein" on Lindsay's phone for the whole decade of their marriage.

"You know how TV is, it's like sports, it's become a superstition, completely," Lindsay said about keeping Milstein's name in there.

The story behind the name relates to the station where Craig and Lindsay first met, NBC affiliate WRC-TV in Washington, D.C. Craig was hired as a news anchor in 2008, while Lindsay had been working there as the sports anchor.

When Craig joined the station, he was given a company cellphone that had previously been used by Milstein, a producer who had recently left to take a job in Seattle.

"So when (Craig) called me, it came up in my phone, which was also a station phone, as Jake Milstein," Czarniak said. "So when he calls me, it pops up as Jake Milstein, and it's become a thing where I see it, and it's him."

Lindsay said people have seen the name pop up on her phone in public and gotten very curious.

"Like, who's she stepping out on?" Craig joked.

"Jake exists, and he doesn't know, so I'm really sorry," Lindsay said. "This is highly awkward."

The couple also revealed who made the first move after they met during a commercial break at WRC — it was Craig.

Also, if you didn't get a Christmas card from the Melvins last year, that was Lindsay's fault. She accidentally had the typo of "the Melvin's" instead of "the Melvins" on the back, and that was too much for Craig to bear.

"We can't send out a Christmas card when Melvin should've been plural, not possessive," Craig said. "It was an expensive grammatical mistake."

Thursday marked the first time Craig and Lindsay were co-hosting since their days together at WRC. Lindsay can usually be found on a football field on Sundays as a NFL sideline reporter for Fox Sports.

"It's basically take your wife to work day for him," Lindsay joked on her Instagram story Wednesday night as she prepared for her guest-hosting gig.

Their two children, Del, 7, and Sibby, 5, were up bright and early at 5 a.m. to help send her off to TODAY. Sibby even made her a peanut butter sandwich for some energy early in the morning.

"I am feeling a little nervous, but it’s like nervous excitement," she said on her Instagram story. "I usually get nervous. ... but this is a little different because I’m in my husband’s territory."