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Incredible shrinking dad: Al Roker has a laugh over then-and-now photos with his growing son

Move over, "Sports Dad" — "Polly Pocket Dad" is here to stay.

Parents of toweringly tall kids, unite!

Al Roker, 3rd Hour of TODAY co-host, shared two sweet "then and now" pictures on Instagram on March 8 posing with his son, Nick, on vacation.

Time has flown by for the father of three — and so has the number of inches now 20-year-old Nick has on his dear dad.

"Really not much difference when Nick and I were here in 2014 and today, right?" Al joked in the Instagram caption, contrasting the photos.

Along with the accompanying hashtag #thenandnow, Al created a new title for himself and all parents with children who have inexplicably grown from a tiny human into a skyscraper-sized giant person: "Polly Pocket Dad."

Polly Pocket, of course, refers to the miniature sized, vintage toy of yesteryear (read: late 80s, early 90s).

Now, the classic toy also serves as a moniker for caregivers who have to look up — lovingly, of course — at their offspring.

"Just a slight change. Happens overnight it seems. Doesn’t it," one Instagram user commented, referring to the sizable height difference between Al and his son.

"He’s a lot taller than you, these days," another user aptly observed.

Forever the proud father to all three of his children — Nick, Courtney and Leila — Al recently shared how his kids were ever-present and ready to care for him during his 2022 health scare, when he was admitted to the hospital in November for a blood clot in his leg.

Al was released on Thanksgiving Day, then later returned to the hospital before finally going home for good on Dec. 8 to fully recuperate.

“Leila took time off from her job in Paris and was here for five weeks,” Al told his co-hosts back in January. “Seeing them all together ... and they just fell back into their rhythms.”

The newly minted "Polly Pocket Dad" also shared how his altitudinous son, Nick, showed Al some affection during his recovery which, perhaps, became the catalyst and eventual inspiration for Al's new title.

“Nick would literally come around every 10 minutes and lean over and kiss me on the head, because he just towers over me,” Al said at the time, laughing. “I feel like a little Polly Pocket.”

"Al Roker: Weather Anchor, Polly Pocket Dad" does have a nice ring to it.

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