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Al Roker

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340d ago

'Get Cooking with Al Roker': How to cook steak perfectly with a cast-iron skillet

The TODAY weatherman uses one of his favorite kitchen tools to make juicy steak with a buttery pan sauce.

Al Roker and Carson Daly make their favorite Father's Day recipes

Make a Father's Day feast of dry-rubbed ribs, skillet s'mores, off-the-cob street corn and refreshing ginger beer margaritas.
731d ago

Climate change is not ignorable. It's time to stop debating what is staring us all in our faces.

Don't ask how long we have to save the planet. Ask what changes you and I can make now to start trying.

Spend summers like you barbecue ribs: Low, slow and with no shortcuts

This is the premium time of year, and it always goes by so fast. So instead of rushing through it, kick back, relax and enjoy being in the moment.
938d ago

Cook like Al! Make his pulled pork barbecue, baked beans and more

One of Al Roker's favorite types of food is barbecue. In fact, he loves it so much that he makes his own rub and vinegar sauce. And lucky fo

Celebrate the holidays with a family feast from Al Roker and Carson Daly

Al Roker and Carson Daly share a holiday menu with standing rib roast, smashed potatoes, sticky toffee pudding and Brandy Alexander cocktails.
1032d ago

Al Roker and Dylan Dreyer make their moms' favorite recipes for Thanksgiving

Al Roker makes his mom's signature sweet potato casserole and Dylan Dreyer mixes up her mother's famous crab dip for Thanksgiving.
1457d ago

Bring the steakhouse home with Al Roker's recipes for all the classics

Al Roker shares his steak, potato and creamed spinach recipes to help you make a 5-star steakhouse dinner at home.
2383d ago

Grilled Asparagus

The lemony flavor from the zest brightens up this simple vegetable side.