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Al Roker

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124d ago

Couple makes it their mission to visit every diner in NJ — and they’re only halfway there

Married couple Jon and Karri Ricklin have made it their mission to visit every diner in New Jersey, which has about 415 diners, and they're only halfway there.
265d ago

Artist creates celebrity portraits out of food — including a cookie-dough Al Roker

Food artist, investor and father Harley Langberg's celebrity portraits and artwork is delighting fans on Instagram and beyond.

Al Roker shares 4 playlists to inspire your walking workouts

Al Roker wants you to lace up your sneakers and walk with him during our Start TODAY 31-day walking challenge. Get his walking music playlists.

Prostate cancer survivor runs 600 marathons: 'Cancer will never tell me what I can do'

Marathon runner Tom Perri was diagnosed with prostate cancer after noticing fatigue, which he blamed on overtraining. He continues to run after surgery.
946d ago

Al Roker's Oxtail Tacos

Al adapts his mom's oxtail stew for the warmer weather in this quick and easy taco recipe.
1078d ago

Al Roker's Spicy Christmas Nuts

Al makes sweet and savory mixed nuts to give as gifts for the holidays.
1150d ago

'Get Cooking with Al Roker': How to cook steak perfectly with a cast-iron skillet

The TODAY weatherman uses one of his favorite kitchen tools to make juicy steak with a buttery pan sauce.
1150d ago

Al Roker's Low-Carb Cauliflower Mash

When enjoying a heartier main dish, swapping starchy potatoes for a nice cauliflower mash is the way to go.
1150d ago

Al Roker's Cast-Iron Rib-Eye Steak

Nothing hits the spot quite like a big, honkin' steak with a savory, buttery sauce.
1267d ago

Al Roker and Carson Daly make their favorite Father's Day recipes

Make a Father's Day feast of dry-rubbed ribs, skillet s'mores, off-the-cob street corn and refreshing ginger beer margaritas.
1268d ago

Al Roker's Dry-Rubbed Lamb Ribs with Asparagus

Al Roker coats flavorful lamb ribs in a Mediterranean dry rub and slow cooks them for a perfect Father's Day dinner.