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Allison Holker Boss’ 3 kids: Everything to know about her children with tWitch

Stephen "tWitch" Boss and Allison Holker share three children: Weslie, Maddox and Zaia.
/ Source: TODAY

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Allison Holker Boss' three kids are headed back to school, and she's having a "proud mommy moment."

Holker Boss shared a series of photos of her and Stephen "tWitch" Boss' children — Weslie, Maddox and Zaia — celebrating their first days.

"Watching them each walk in with so much confidence, joy and bravery is something special!" Holker Boss wrote in her caption Aug. 30.

The fall milestone comes just a few days after Holker Boss shared her first dancing video since her husband’s death by suicide in December 2022 at the age of 40.

Holker Boss and the late dancer share three children together: Weslie, 15, Maddox, 7, and Zaia, 3. Boss adopted Weslie after he married Holker Boss in 2013.

On Father’s Day, Holker Boss honored her late husband with a moving tribute on Instagram.

She uploaded a black-and-white photo of the family of five posing together. 

“We love you Stephen forever and always,” she said in the caption. 

Read on to learn more about the dancers’ three children. 


Weslie, who started her sophomore year of high school in August, supported her mom as they attended the National Alliance on Mental Illness Westside Los Angeles’ 2023 Mental Health Gala in May, marking the “SYTYCD” alum’s first red carpet appearance since her husband’s death. The annual gala included a tribute to Boss. 

The teenager and her mom, who both wore black floor-length gowns, held hands as they went on stage and accepted the Heart of a Champion award, which was presented by Derek Hough and Jenna Dewan, as seen on the organization’s website

While delivering her speech, Holker Boss said, “I call him Stephen, you call him Stephen and tWitch, and we love him for being both.” She added, “We promise to continue to move from love and joy forever and always, and to continue to inspire and lead and to teach and to grow.” 

At the end of her remarks, according to People, she said, “I want to say a special thank you to my friends for just being the most incredible people and supporting us at this special time and to all of you for opening your arms and while he was here and making us feel so safe. And Weslie, I’m so proud of you and I love you. Thank you.” 

About two weeks later, Holker Boss celebrated her oldest daughter’s 15th birthday. 

She posted a carousel of photos, including a couple snaps of the mother-daughter duo embracing and a baby picture. 

“I am so proud of the beautiful woman that you are,” she told her daughter.

She compared the high school student to a “wise owl.”

“You are making an impact in this world by just expressing who you are and what you believe in. I am honored to be at your side during your journey. I love you babygirl @weslierboss … happy 15!!” Holker Boss wrote.

In July, she shared a stunning black-and-white photo of the two of them

“We’ve chosen three words … Courage, resilience and grace,” she said in the caption. 

On Aug. 22, Weslie danced alongside her mom in a TikTok video, which was a common occurrence for the family before Boss' death.

In the clip, the mother and daughter get down and flaunt their dancing skills. 

“When your life is a mess but you just trying to vibe,” the “So You Think You Can Dance” alum captioned the video. 

Weslie commented below the clip and wrote, “Lol we’re funny.”

Fans complimented their skills and also shared how happy they were to see Holker Boss dancing again following her husband’s death.

“Twitch would be so proud! keep dancing!” one person sweetly wrote. 

Another said, “(Weslie's) vibe reminds me so much of Twitch.”


Maddox turned 7 years old in March and started the 2nd grade in August.

Holker Boss gushed about how much she loves her only son on Instagram in a sweet tribute for his birthday. 

The birthday post featured photos of him sitting on Weslie’s lap next to his little sister and mom. Multiple birthday gifts were spread out on the kitchen island behind them. 

“I’m so proud of you!” Holker Boss said in the caption. “You are brave, strong, endearing, loving and full of joy. You have this beautiful passion for life that brings light into every room you walk (run, jump, fly) into.”

She raved about their “forever bond,” adding that Maddox is the sun and she is his moon. 

A few months later, Maddox and Zaia joined Weslie and their mom for the red carpet premiere of “Spider-Man: Across the Spider Verse” in June.  

It seems the 7-year-old is a big fan of the superhero. On June 10, Holker Boss shared photos of him posing in a Spider-Man costume as he revealed his shorter hairstyle. 

“Maddox wanted a big boy haircut!” she said. “We are obsessed and he loves it!”

Maddox also spent his summer setting up his first lemonade stand with Zaia

A slideshow of pictures showed the adorable siblings handing out juice and donuts to a group of customers on the sidewalk, successfully selling most of their goodies. 

Holker Boss applauded her children, calling it a “proud mommy moment!” 


When youngest daughter Zaia celebrated her 3rd birthday in November 2022, her mom couldn’t believe how quickly her “little cuddle bug” was growing up. 

In her birthday tribute, Holker Boss praised Zaia for having “one of the sweetest and fun personalities!!!”

“I’m honored to be a part of her journey!!! My baby girl is growing up,” she wrote. 

Zaia started preschool in August.

The cute 3-year-old typically sneaks in a few silly faces whenever her mom posts a family photo. 

In Holker Boss’ Mother’s Day post this year, Zaia stuck her tongue out as her siblings and mom smiled for the camera. 

The dancer reflected on the joys of motherhood in her caption. 

“Seeing their growth, their perseverance and sharing in the smiles and laughter helps me push through for every single day. I will protect my babies with everything I got,” she said. 

She continued, “We are enduring some thing I could’ve never imagined, but we are pushing forward together every day. I love you my babies, and thank you for continuously showing me strength, love and joy.” 

Zaia stole the show in another group shot from the family’s Sunday activity on June 25. 

While her mom and siblings looked at the camera, she placed one hand on her ear and stared off into the distance. 

“Happy Sunday .. love and joy is all around us,” Holker Boss said.