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There's a new spicy chicken sandwich in town — and it's from Sam's Club

Get Chick-fil-A-style chicken in the privacy of your home whenever you want it — even on Sundays.
/ Source: TODAY

There's a new spicy chicken sandwich in town, and you won't need to worry about restaurant shortages or fast-food chains being closed on Sundays when you're craving one.

All you need is a Sam's Club membership to sink your teeth into the new Chick-fil-A style entree: The fourth southern-style item to join the big-box store's growing line of imitation fast food dishes found in the freezer section.

Sam's Club's Chick-fil-A-style spicy chicken sandwiches are available in clubs now.Terri Peters

The spicy chicken sandwich comes in a box of 10 and costs $16. At less than $2 per sandwich, my family was eager to test the new addition out, especially since our nearest Chick-fil-A is over 20 minutes away and we always seem to be craving their delicious chicken on Sundays, when the chain isn't open.

We'd already tried the other items in the Sam's Club line — Southern-style chicken sandwiches, chicken bites and waffle fries — and were big fans. But when I told my kids we were trying a spicier version of their beloved chicken, they were nervous.

The spicy chicken sandwich is the fourth item to join Sam's Club's southern-style line of frozen entrees.Terri Peters

Spicy or not, the box claimed the spice factor would be mild, rating the level of hotness one out of three flame icons. I told my 12 and 10-year-olds to give them a try and they reluctantly agreed.

The sandwiches come individually packaged can be heated in the microwave, a conventional oven or an air fryer. I chose the oven preparation method so I could easily toss some waffle fries in, too.

The instructions require heating the spicy chicken patties for about 20 minutes, removing the buns first and wrapping them in aluminum foil to throw in the oven for the last 10 minutes of cooking. After following all of the directions, we assembled our sandwiches, adding pickles and Walmart's knock-off Chick-fil-A sauce — a staple condiment in our house since it showed up in stores in 2018.

To heat the sandwiches, remove the patties from the buns and heat them separately.Terri Peters

The Sam's Club versions seemed healthier than their Chick-fil-A counterparts. They're less greasy and a bit drier than the real thing, but the spice level and flavor are dead on.

My kids claimed they were too spicy, but they've never had a spicy chicken sandwich before. That said, I'd stick with the original version for smaller taste buds.

The bonus of the kids not being fans was that my husband and I went back for seconds, eating what was left on their plates even though we were full — they were that good.

The finished product, with sides of knock-off Chick-fil-A sauce and waffle fries.Terri Peters

Overall, I'd keep a box of both the spicy and original Southern-style chicken sandwiches in my freezer because you never know which you'll be in the mood for.

Whichever you choose, you're getting Chick-fil-A-style chicken in the privacy of your home whenever you want it — even on Sundays.

Now, if only Sam's Club could refill our drinks on demand and bring a play area to our house for the kids.