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Stressed out? Joy Bauer has 4 recipes that can help with that

This calming meal plan can help soothe your anxiety.

When tension starts to bubble up, this stress-busting meal plan will soothe your soul. Kickstart your morning with my peanut butter and berry breakfast bowl — a protein- and fiber-packed powerhouse that’ll keep you feeling steadied and focused all morning long. Come lunchtime, enjoy a scrumptious salad complete with an unexpected superfood to ease your tension and worries. And for dinner? Prepare to be calmed by a one-pan wonder starring harissa-marinated salmon and a rainbow of roasted veggies. Finally, for an extra dose of zen, treat yourself to a cup of my orange-chamomile anxie-tea before bed.

Easiest. Recipe. Ever. This breakfast bowl has everything you need for a magnificent morning meal or afternoon snack attack. With Greek yogurt serving up a hefty dose of protein, berries delivering a fiber-packed punch and nuts alongside creamy nut butter bringing in those essential healthy fats, you’ve got yourself a winning combination. Together, this trio works wonders to keep your blood sugar stable and energy levels sustained, while also promoting a sense of calm and clarity throughout your day. And you know what I always say: You are the boss of your bowl. You can alternate between berries for a pretty presentation, or stick with just one for an equally delicious dish. Also, feel free to swap the yogurt with cottage cheese, use your preferred nut or seed butter and garnish nuts, seeds or granola.

Watch me make it here!

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

Joy Bauer

This Mediterranean marvel brings together all the incredible stars of the health-promoting diet: an abundance of antioxidant-packed produce, fresh herbs, heart-healthy olive oil and creamy feta cheese. The outcome? A colossal bowl of wholesome yumminess. And here’s the extra special touch — a superfood surprise that’s sure to soothe stress — chickpeas! These little gems are slow-burning carbs that can give your serotonin — aka the feel-good hormone — a boost. Not only that, but they’re also packed with folate, another key player in keeping our moods in check. It’s a taste of Mediterranean sunshine with a side of serenity.

Smoky, spicy and brimming with flavor, this one-sheet meal is a one-and-done deal. Not only does this sheet pan recipe render making dinner a stress-free experience, but thanks to those omega-3s in the salmon, you combat stress from the inside out. It’s a super simple dish delivering melt-in-your-mouth roasted carrots and cauliflower, paired with flavorful saucy salmon fillets. The harissa-orange-ginger sauce creates a scrumptious glaze for the fish, and everything is baked to perfection on one single baking sheet. The end result is totally addictive and satisfying— you can choose to enjoy it as a low-carb feast, or serve it with quinoa, brown rice or another favorite grain.

Orange-Chamomile Anxie-Tea

Joy Bauer

When life leaves you frazzled, pour yourself a cup of comforting beverage. It contains chamomile and orange — two ingredients that can help calm your nerves and tame tension. I like to pair this soothing brew with mini whole-grain sandwiches stuffed with hummus and thinly sliced cucumbers, because what goes better with tea than sandwiches? Pinky up, stress down!