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Celebrate National Waffle Day with the absolute best waffle recipes for any time of day

Break out the waffle iron, mix up some batter and enjoy the best of breakfast all day!
Who said waffles are just for breakfast?
Who said waffles are just for breakfast?foap via Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Is there really any better way to start the day than with a plate of warm, fresh waffles? We can't think of one!

But the breakfast table isn't the only place to enjoy crisp, fluffy waffles. Savory preparations are moving them past mornings for great lunch and dinner dishes, too.

With just a waffle iron, a couple of creative innovations, a few tasty toppings and these easy-to-follow recipes, waffles can be enjoyed any time of the day!

Hash Brown Waffles

Make hash browns extra crispy by cooking them in a waffle iron. Easy mix-ins make these customizable potatoes as fun to make as they are to eat.

Al Roker's Bacon Waffles

TODAY's Al Roker likes to cook smoky, savory bacon right into his waffles to get a great combination of sweet and salty flavors. "Make the dry mix ahead of time and store it, and it'll be a breeze to whip up whenever you want," he said.

Yeasted Waffles with Strawberry Cream

Adding yeast to the batter makes these waffles incredibly light and tender. The fresh strawberries and cream sauce add a perfectly sweet and summery finish.

Craving something heartier? Cook cornbread batter in a waffle iron then top it with chili, cheese and sliced scallions for a Southwestern-style brunch.

Make waffles even more wonderful by mixing graham cracker crumbs right into the batter and topping them with chocolate sauce and mini marshmallows. It's a real campfire treat without all the smoke.

Store-bought biscuit dough is the trick to making these amazing ooey, gooey waffle sandwiches. They are filled with creamy scrambled eggs, melted cheese and savory ham, serving up all the flavors of breakfast in each bite.

Fold chocolate chips into waffle batter for a sweet and delicious breakfast. These decadent chocolate waffles are topped with a rich and creamy cheesecake mousse, fresh mixed berries and a drizzle of strawberry sauce for an indulgent start to the day, or a fantastic after-dinner treat.

Homemade waffles are piled high with fried chicken tenders and sausage gravy, then topped with more waffles and sauce for a truly decadent, Southern-style breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

Nutella Breakfast Waffle "Nachos"

It can be hard to wake up on a weekday, but these mini waffles topped with strawberries, granola and almonds can be ready in just 5 minutes, making morning meal prep so much easier.