TODAY   |  April 30, 2014

Nellie from ‘Little House:’ I loved being mean

Alison Arngrim, who played Nellie Oleson on “Little House on the Prairie,” says she enjoyed playing the bad girl on the show. She explains how she once got pelted with orange soda by someone who thought she was mean in real life as well.

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>>> cast of " little house on the prairie ," reunited for the first time in more than 20 years. and it is now time, everyone, that you've been waiting for. alison is in the back, also known as nellie. did people -- and i read this -- did people, strangers, walk up to you and instantly dislike you, harm you?

>> still.

>> still?

>> yes, still. it's quite difficult. i was pelted with a cup of orange soda , ironically, in the hollywood christmas parade .

>> that made worldwide news.

>> they kind of now, it's all the villains, people kind of love the villains. now people go, i loved hating you.

>> did you love playing that kind of a role, the mean girl ?

>> god, i loved it!

>> of course you did.

>> see, i want to see the dvds because i want to see hi-def when her first goes into my face.

>> i want to see that.

>> have you all seen the new --

>> i haven't.

>> i've seen pieces of it.

>> it's supposed to be fantastic.

>> it is more beautiful -- it is more beautiful now than it was when it was new.

>> sweepingly beautiful.

>> sitting back there, handsome.

>> tell us a little bit of trivia, hoda, in between. i didn't know. share, please, what you were sharing with us.

>> i think die-hard fans who watched the show religiously would know that i played michael landon as a little boy in flashbacks to his youth. they did one really sweet show where charles, his father, was sick. and he was reminiscing about his childhood. i played him, young charles.

>> and how old were you at the time?

>> i guess i was about 9. about 9ish, maybe 10. and then the next season they had an episode where ma met pa. i just rewatch it had. my goddaughter, piper, is addicted to the show.

>> you're kidding.

>> so i still see them all the time. i just watched that episode again. and then i was asked to play albert, the adopted brother.

>> " star wars " is doing it all over again. did you ever think for a minute, hey, let's all have fun together on the prairie?

>> there's so many of us missing now that would be so strange for us.

>> please, no more tears.

>> no, i'm not. i'm not crying. then i'll cry and then we're done.

>> but you know, it's fantastic that people are still interested.

>> yeah. a whole generation.

>> and i wish michael could see what it means still. to people.

>> we should go back to you, michael. what's it mean to you in your personal life to have your beloved father at the time, so beloved now?

>> " little house " is by far my favorite of my father's work. the fact that like we're saying, it's still affecting new generations to come. it's pretty special.

>> well, you guys, we can't thank you enough.

>> what fun was it having you! thank you so much.

>> it's all going to be available -- it is available.

>> get it!