TODAY   |  April 24, 2014

Memory of 7-year-old ‘Mr. Awesome’ lives online

A Florida boy nicknamed “Mr. Awesome,” who died in a pool accident, has become the focus of a global campaign to share his spirit. For his family, it’s a way to ease the pain of losing him.

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>>> a florida boy nick named mr. awesome has become the focus of a global campaign to share his smile and uplifting spirit. for his family, it's also a way to ease the pain of losing a child. five months ago this was simply a newly drawn self-portrait of a 6-year-old boy named calder sloan. now it's a rallying symbol for his legacy. that of promising life taken too soon.

>> we really believed calder was going to change the world .

>> young calder died just seven days after his 7th birthday, electrocuted while swimming, a victim of a freak pool accident. investigators are looking into the possibility of a malfunctioning pool light.

>> they said he was gone.

>> reporter: but thanks to social media , calder 's story is now gathering the attention he didn't get the opportunity to do himself.

>> these people, we don't even know, that have decided to share his love. so to me, and my wife, he is changing the world.

>> reporter: to honor their beloved calder , his family made this video comprised of poignant, every day moments from his brief life. and calder 's drawing is popping up in tributes online and even on the side of miami's american airlines arena , the home of the world champion miami heat and, for one night, home to the boy the world is getting to know tragically too late, one his father nick named mr. awesome.

>> all calder is doing, he had that power.